Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

After playing Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U it’s felt like forever since the next installment of the lovably green dinosaur but finally the time has come.

At the beginning of Yoshi’s Crafted World you see the Yoshi’s on their island with the Sundream Stone which is made up of five dream gems. Baby Bowser and Kamak, unfortunately, appear after hearing of the magical powers of the sundream stone and try to take it from the Yoshis. After a bit of a tug of war the dream gems are scattered around. This is where you start off, on a journey to find the missing gems before Baby Bowser and Kamak.

You can choose to play through levels on your own or with another person, each choosing which coloured Yoshi you want to play as. To find the gems you have to work through each level within each world. These worlds are much smaller than the ones from Yoshi’s Wooly World but are more polished and memorable. Each world only has a few levels in but they bring that world to life with their scenery and common threads – one world has a haunted house theme with ghosts similar to those in Luigi’s Mansion while others are more colourful and vibrant.

To unlock each world you have to earn smiley flowers. Each level has them hidden within and you can also earn an extra three for collecting coins, red coins and having all of your lives left. After completing each level you get the chance to play on the flip side – where the levels completely changes – here you get to see the level in a new light.

The flip side of a level also gives you the opportunity to earn another four smiley face flowers. To gain these you need to find the three Poochy’s hidden throughout the level, earning one flower each. The last one is earnt by collecting the Poochy’s within a certain time frame. Finding the poochy pups gets easier the more you play and learn where they tend to hide them in levels, but this is still a fun extra that you will want to go back to the levels and play, especially if you’re a completionist.

Yoshi's Crafted World Review

After completing all levels within a world you can talk to the Gatekeeper who requests certain items from his levels, giving you an extra challenge. As a reward for going back and finding these items you’ll be gifted with a smiley face flower. When you’ve found the item/items in a level you can choose to end the level or keep playing through them, I always chose to keep playing as although I had already finished the level it was fun to see if I could find anything new.

With the coins that you collect in each level, you can spend these on costumes. Each world has its own set of costumes for you to collect, and when you defeat a boss you get a costume that resembles it too. The costumes are visually very arts and craft-like, as you would expect. When you wear one of these they add a layer of protection, however, they will break if you get caught by an enemy one too many times.

After finding the first gem the levels start to get a little bit more difficult but this still isn’t too much of a challenge. If you are having difficulty with a level then mellow mode allows for a much calmer play through with wings to help you through each level.

Yoshi’s Crafted World Review Conclusion

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a great addition to the Switch and the Yoshi series. It’s bright, colourful levels may not be too difficult but they are cohesive and fun to play even when going back to complete different challenges.


We reviewed Yoshi’s Crafted World after receiving a code from the publisher and it’s available now on Nintendo Switch.

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