Weekly Gaming Gossip Column: February 6th 2017

Fresh off castigating the presence of scantily clad female characters in games, Guru Hideo Kojima has spoken about Norman Reedus, in all his naked glory, in the trailer for Death Stranding. During the same talk, at RTX Sydney, Kojima also revealed that Death Stranding isn’t a VR game yet, and was questioned on if Death Stranding will be a Playstation 5 game, to which he answered a baffled “No”. Does someone know something about Death Stranding that Kojima doesn’t?

Last week’s Final Fantasy anniversary celebration, the first of many this year we’re told, was quite the show with Final Fantasy 15 DLC news taking prominence alongside a release date for the HD remaster of Final Fantasy 12. However I don’t remember any mention of a console release for Dissidia Final Fantasy but apparently there will be one. In a recent Famitsu interview producer Ichirou Hazama spoke candidly about a console version of the game and how gamers are expecting a story mode in it. So for lack of a big announcement it seems Dissidia Final Fantasy will be released on Playstation 4. Perhaps Square Enix was saving this grand announcement for one of their later Final Fantasy celebration events. If so Hazama has really let the cat out of the bag and can expect a slap on the wrist from top brass within the company.

Another Square Enix employee, Shinji Hashimoto, has also been having frank conversations with the Japanese press. In a discussion with assembled journalists he confirmed that Square Enix is working on new Final Fantasy titles – though he wouldn’t go into detail on what they are – while also filling the public in on how development is progressing with the remake of Final Fantasy 7…its going a little slower than anticipated. Considering the debacle of a decade that was the wait for Final Fantasy 15 “a little slower than anticipated” is fine with me.