Could Vampyr be the best RPG of 2018?

Could Vampyr be the best RPG of 2018?  Pause Resume’s Victor Cardoso ponders whether Dontnod have a hit on their hands

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, who I find to be one of the most underrated developers in the industry, and given the extremely interesting concept that is Vampyr – with some good execution – this could be one of the best RPGs to drop in 2018.

Vampyr allows the player to experience the game through the character of Jonathan Reid, a doctor working towards saving his city.  However, he is turned into a vampire and the player is then forced to choose between feeding your hunger or maintaining your oath to protect and treat the common folk, the choice and consequences that ensue are based on players decisions and actions.

According to the developer, there are a web of interconnected citizens, each with their own story and impact in the world, but that also play a bigger part in the overarching story that is taking place, meaning that player choice – much like Dishonored – has a direct impact on the outcome of the world. Feed on humans too much? There will be more vampires and more vampire hunters trying to bring you down. Don’t feed on humans? There will be consequences as player strength is directly linked to blood supplies, that said however, the developer has confirmed that the game can be played to its entirety without killing.

Another interesting aspect of this game is its setting, the game is set in London after the first world war when the influenza pandemic was just beginning. Not many video games are set during this time, and to be fair, not many videogames would make sense – in terms of storytelling and gameplay mechanics –  in such an era, this is another reason as to why Vampyr has the potential to be so unique and incredible.

Vampyr best RPG

The messaging for this game is clear, you are not a hero. There is no right or wrong answer is this game, morality is a grey area and it is up to the player to decide how to act in a world that is plagued – pun intended – by death and suffering. Perhaps taking a lot of this morality from ‘Life is Strange’ – another previous work by Dontnod – it seems to have been improved upon and ironed out for Vampyr.

While this game has suffered from a few delays – it was originally slated for an October 2017 release – all the available gameplay videos have shown that these delays have worked to the benefit of Vampyr, allowing for the game to be polished and not rushed out as we so often see with modern day video game development.

Perhaps the most interesting take on vampires yet, Vampyr releases on June 5th 2018.

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