Upcoming Switch Nindies That May Pique Your Interest

There are a ton of Switch Nindies that we’ve managed to get our hands on recently, but which ones should you keep your eye out for?

Super Meat Boy Forever

While not vegetarian-friendly it can still be played by those who choose to live the ‘cleaner’ lifestyle. Away from that debate though is the follow up to the magnificent Super Meat Boy, a game that just oozed that ‘one more go’ philosophy so many others try and fail to replicate.

We played it recently and it hasn’t lost any of its charm since the original’s release seven years ago. It’s still fast, challenging and as addictive as ever.

Super Meat Boy Forever releases first on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Mantis Burn Racing

Coming this year, Mantis Burn Racing has already received a warm welcome on other platforms, but let’s be honest, it’s local multiplayer focus makes it ideal for the Switch. Add in online multiplayer and an extensive career mode (and it also evokes the old Micro Machines games) and Mantis Burn Racing is one that looks suited for the Switch.


After getting our hands on it recently, we’re excited to see more of Huntdown. It’s set in the 80s, is fast, relentless and, most importantly, coming to the Switch.

What more could you ask for? Well, maybe for the release date to be a bit sooner as it’s not out until 2018.

Golf Story

An RPG focused on golf, what isn’t there to like? Well, I don’t actually like golf but that’s not the point! It looks like Link’s Awakening decided to incorporate golf and that’s good enough for me to get excited about it. Plus, it’s already out now, so what are you waiting for? We’ll have a full review up very soon.

Morphie’s Law

Rather than explain this game it might be better to watch the accompanying video.

Done that? Right. It’s, well, quite unique, isn’t it?

Morphie’s Law takes your bog-standard multiplayer shooter and plays with all of your body parts, making them big or small depending on how much damage you’ve taken. Depending on how you want to play, you can come up with different tactics to make certain parts of you harder (or easier) to hit.

It’ll hit the Nintendo Switch this winter.

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