Two Point Hospital Review

We finally have a true successor to Theme Hospital but is it any good? Alexandra takes a look at this reimagining of a classic in our Two Point Hospital review.

As a child, I was always of a fan of simulation games, with the Sims, Theme Park and Theme Hospital being some of my favourites. When I learned that some of the creators of the original Theme Hospital were working on a new Theme Hospital-esque game my attention was piqued.

As obvious as it sounds, the main point of Two Point Hospital is to run a hospital. This involves creating rooms, hiring staff and managing your costs. In Two Point Hospital, you are given a myriad of hospitals to run and once you have the basics down you are given objectives to fulfil in order to build your hospital up to a three-star level. In order to unlock a new hospital you only have to achieve a one-star rating, but if you want to stay on then this allows you more time with each hospital. Each hospital also has a specific locale that will directly impact on its associated objectives. This three-star system is something that differs from Theme Hospital but I thought it was really good as it allows you to track your progress at the hospital, whereas in Theme Hospital sometimes it felt unclear as to why you failing a level but this new system makes it clearer.

You can also complete extra tasks during your running of each hospital, which comes from different places; you can get them from staff who will give you challenges to complete in a number of days, emergency patients who you have to cure in a number of days and you can even compete in challenges against your friends’ hospitals. From these, you can earn Kudosh – known as K – an extra currency that will allow you to unlock different items for your hospitals, such as different benches for patients and different forms of entertainment for both patients and staff. These can be tough to achieve but are a nice little addition to the gameplay.

Whilst you go about the day-to-day running of the hospitals you also have to look after the needs of your staff and patients and, of course, your bank balance. Your staff and patients will need certain things to keep them happy, such as a nice temperature, available snacks/drinks and (arguably the most important) the use of a toilet. Something that was equally as important in Theme Hospital.

Two Point Hospital Review

Your staff will also require a break room with things to entertain them and keep them happy on their break (these can be things like a TV, a punching bag or a bookcase to name a few). The downside of not providing what’s required is that staff will sometimes threaten to leave if they are unhappy, so things like training, pay rises and enough staff to cover breaks is good to bear in mind.

Your patients will become unhappy if the environment is unclean so bins and janitors are essential, they will also become bored, so forms of entertainment are important to make sure that your patients are happy during their stay. One thing to beware of with patients is that they will not pay their costs if they feel the price is too high or if they are unhappy – causing you with a shortfall in your balance.

To earn money to pay your staff and build new rooms it is essential to keep your patients happy and your hospital spic and span. VIP visits will earn you reputation and K and it’s the former that will bring patients to your doors and ultimately, money to your hospital. You earn money through the treatment of your patients and through the various snacks, drinks and forms on entertainment available. If your prices are too high people will complain and this directly affects your reputation.

Every year your hospital is open there is an awards ceremony, unlike Theme Hospital where this would often mean you have doomed your hospital or done enough to move on, this is a chance to see the areas of your hospital that are doing well. Awards range from Doctor of the Year to Best Teaching Hospital. Here you can also see how you fare against other hospitals and what your patients think.

Graphically this is not a game that goes too deep but what you do have is great, you can differentiate between the different illnesses of your patients easily and you can see which employee does what just by looks. This is fine and serves its purpose well and although it would be nice if everyone in the hospital was different, I think this would take away from the charm of the game. Its style and manner appeals in the right way and really adds to Two Point Hosptial’s atmosphere and overall feel.

With Two Point Hospital, you can definitely see the inspirations taken from Theme Hospital and although we don’t have bloaty heads or a slack tongue clinic, you can still get the same vibes. The graphics and the way that you move between hospitals (And can go back and forth between them) is a vast improvement on Theme Hospital. The game starts you off at a nice and steady pace before hitting you with too much, giving the game a nice balance with a great nostalgia hit.

Two Point Hospital Review Conclusion

Two Point Hospital is a strong (and long awaited) follow-up to Theme Hospital. It allows you to live the nostalgia of the old games whilst still feeling fresh and modern when compared to games of today.


We purchased Two Point Hospital from Steam and it’s available now, exclusively, on PC.

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