Time with RiME: We talk with those tasked with promoting the Indie darling

As part of Pause Resume Q2 we talk to two people closely associated with Rime and ask the questions that you wanted answered

When it was first revealed at E3 2014 it was part of a PlayStation catalogue that looked set to take the world by storm.

There’s no doubt that since then the PlayStation 4 has gone on to assert unrivalled dominance in the market with a library of exclusive games that its competitors have been unable to match. Rime was once a part of that, but a hidden development has meant that it was not only delayed, but went into hiding for a considerable amount of time.

Re-revealed just a few months ago, Rime has emerged as a multi-platform title, finding a home on not just the PlayStation 4 but also the Xbox One and Nintendo’s new Switch console.

We got the chance to talk to Brand Manager Henning Schmid and Community Manager Timo Cerny to talk about what exactly Rime is, how long it’ll take, and why the game moved away from being a PlayStation exclusive.

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