Star Wars 1313: The Best Star Wars Game Never Made

Star Wars 1313 is ingenious. Never played it? Well no one has. It was cancelled by Disney after they took over Lucas Arts. But there is an E3 demo for you to watch, get excited about, then spiral into a pit of disappointment because it was cancelled. When the game was announced, most of the plot; including the protagonist, was shrouded in secrecy. Now, however, they revealed all their plans, and it sounds even better than we thought.

What we knew was simply that the setting is an underground slum-city on Coruscant. Which spans 1313 levels below the planets surface. This slum-city would be riddled with all kinds of thugs and crime lords. By looking at the E3 demo we could see that combat boasted a far more gritty and heavy combat style, something we don’t get out of a lot of Star Wars games. Not to mention the Uncharted style climbing system. Even now, three years on, the game looks god damn gorgeous.

But now we know even more, which only strengthens my disappointment. The protagonist was set to be Boba Fett, the game telling the tale of how he became the famous bounty hunter that everyone loves. The story would fast become a development of his persona. You fight your way through 1313 levels, slowly gaining more gear as you go.

It was set to be the first “Mature” rated Star Wars game, heading for a more adult audience. This doesn’t mean blood and guts flying from every way like a Doom game. You are in the belly of crime, surrounded by liars, thugs and thieves. Simply calling characters “foul mouthed” wouldn’t even begin to cover it. More than that, the story would be a true battle for survival, not something for the faint of heart. The game would have set place somewhere between the films Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope. A world which is slowly coming to terms with their new Galactic Empire.

My thought? Imagine Grand Theft Auto meets Uncharted or Assassins Creed. But why am I bringing this up? Well when all hope was lost, Disney spoke out and stated that it’s not “cancelled” per say. It’s more… Paused. They’ve essentially told us not to give up hope.

E3 this year, EA was nice enough to tell us they have several Star Wars games in the works, could this be one of them? Despite all the red-tape that would potentially be involved I hope so, its an exciting concept that they definitely shouldn’t throw away. I don’t know about anyone else but all I can do is reminisce about Star Wars Bounty Hunter. Essentially the same concept, only you play as his dad, Jango Fett.

All in all its one of those games that they should bring back from the grave. So look out for more info on it in 2017… If we’re lucky.