Soul Calibur 6 Guest Character Speculation List

Guest Characters have been a mainstay of Soul Calibur ever since its first inception in Soul Calibur 2. Unfortunately, only two and four ever used this fun concept to its fullest potential with S.C. 3 being totally absent of any traditional guest appearances and S.C. 5 featuring only Ezio Auditore across all consoles.

The Ideal model being S.C. 4 with its console exclusive characters Yoda and Darth Vader while having The Apprentice available for everyone. This in tandem with the obscure “pseudo-guest” character concept of three and five will make the upcoming Soul Calibur 6 a perfect model for the franchise going forward.

As for who should be in and how…

Geralt of Rivia (Available across all platforms)
Soul Calibur 6 Guest
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt blew the industry away with both critical and commercial success. Such widespread popularity shouldn’t be confined to one platform but available to all as an enticement to those not familiar with Soul Calibur. The already confirmed White Wolf fits well with the cast of oddballs, his magical and fighting prowess plus character and universe background make him a smart choice. The gals of the multi-verse just need to watch out with this lady-killer on the loose.

PS4 Exclusive: Dante w/Sora
Soul Calibur 6 Guest
Rumored to have been considered for Soul Calibur 3, everyone’s favorite half-demon/half-human king of the hack and slash genre can tango with the best of them. The recent resurgence of Devil May Cry and the possible announcement of DMC5 coming later this year makes now a perfect opportunity to show off this legendary Son of Sparda. Seeing as every other incarnation of Dante has appeared in other games, this upcoming guest appearance can feature DMC4 Dante revamped on a new engine. Not only does he have the skill to clash swords with anyone Bandai Namco can throw at him but also the Smokin’ Sick Style to look good while doing it.

Even though the gameplay of the recent games leaves much to be desired, Kingdom Hearts 2’s combat system is greatly underrated. Sora carries surprising depth with his varied attack options rewarding the skilled player on the higher difficulties. He’s handy enough with a Keyblade to warrant a “pseudo” appearance akin to Xenoblade’s KOS-MOS and Tekken’s Devil Jin. Hopefully to include both a style modeled after his K.H. 2 appearance and equipment to match.

Not a full on appearance, Sora’s too young for all that armor breaking.

Xbox Exclusive: Killer Instinct w/Master Chief
Soul Calibur 6 GuestI’m admittedly not a member of Killer Instinct’s fanbase, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t demand for an appearance from one of its staple characters. Falling a bit behind in the exclusives department, Master Chief may be the go-to for a secret unlockable outfit. This may be the platform that the developers have to get the most creative, just as they did with the previous inclusion of Spawn.

Switch Exclusive: Link w/ Lucina
Soul Calibur 6 GuestAs Breath of The Wild’s version will presumably be in the upcoming Smash game Soul Calibur can cash in on classic Link. It will serve as a nice throwback to the series’ prime and a nod to where Six is getting much inspiration. Link proved his worth all those years ago on the Gamecube so there’s really no reason not to include this Legend of Zelda protagonist when the series is on such a roll.

Fire Emblem characters kick ass in Smash Bro’s and more recently in Fire Emblem Heroes so a popular character like Lucina would be a nice treat for those who want to customize their female create-a-characters with her attire. A style to compliment her equipment may be a bit of a stretch but I’m sure the devs can come up with something.

Whatever the case the possibilities are endless with Star Wars’ involvement in series’ past and even recent rumors of the One Piece manga lending one of its characters to Soul Calibur 6. Or who knows, Nathan Drake, Bayonetta, Samus, take your pick, it’s going to be a good batch later this year.

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