Rez Infinite Review

Please be aware that the following Rez Infinite review mainly concerns the game in VR mode. But rest assured, the normal version of the game is still well worth a purchase.

Rez Infinite is the third time that the original Rez has been released and Infinite is definitely the best package. Infinite boasts the original version of Rez in 1080p and 60fps, a new Area X mode which appears to be a concept for a potential sequel, and the fact that the entire game can – and should – be played in VR.

For those who aren’t already aware of what Rez is, it’s time for a quick history lesson.

To simplify things, Rez is an on-rails 3D-shooter akin to the Panzer Dragoon games that graced the SEGA Saturn. The difference here though, is that you’re swept up in a world like no other, with electronic music replacing the usual effects you might be used to in a shooting game. In fact, the sounds that the player makes by hitting enemies helps to cultivate the backing music, making it very unique, even fifteen years after it originally launched.

Speaking of music, the soundtrack is still phenomenal and playing the game through headphones is almost a must. The way the sound ebbs and flows with what’s happening on screen, combined with the intense and surreal colours and graphics that constantly fly at you, really takes you to a different place entirely – without the need for any external substances.

PlayStation VR has helped to improve an already fantastic game, with full 360 degrees head-tracking which allows you to see enemies coming from behind. One boss in particular sees you take on a running man made of blocks and he’ll constantly run behind you to gain an advantage, this forces you to turn around in the real world and take him on as he sprints towards you, creating a truly phenomenal battle – one which is repeated in a similar and breathtaking fashion, later on in the game.

Area X of Rez is the real star of the show though. While normal Rez is very much on-rails, Area X was built with VR in mind and lets you go wherever you desire with vastly improved graphics to boot. It was an experience that is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced in video games. Flying around in a strange, trippy world, while shooting objects is difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced VR. Its uniqueness is also difficult to ascertain to those who have actually tried virtual reality, such is Area X’s special and breathless environment and experience that it presents to the player.

Rez was fantastic back in 2001 for the Dreamcast and all these years later I’m amazed to be able to say that the fundamental mechanics of the game have been improved. It truly is a testament to Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his team that Rez Infinite has taken VR and made it work at the first attempt.

rez infinite review

The music, the world and the gameplay combine to make for a truly enthralling experience. Area X is one of my highlights of the year and I can’t wait to see it fleshed out in a full Rez sequel. For now though, Rez Infinite is PlayStation VR’s first must-have title.


We tested Rez Infinite after purchasing a retail copy and it’s available now for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation VR headset.

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rez infinite review

Thankfully, unlike so many other VR games I didn’t experience any health issues despite Rez’s crazy looking world and back and forth gameplay. Perhaps I got lucky? But I don’t foresee most people having issues.

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