Review Policy

When reviewing games we think about the quality of the title as well as its initial cost to the consumer.  Games are paid for by your hard-earned money and it’s not something we want you to waste.  We’ve all been there, paying top dollar for a game, only to then discover it’s not your cup of tea.

We want to help you make less of these purchases.

Once we feel we’ve played a game long enough to give an honest opinion we’ll post our review.  Sometimes this will inevitably mean we won’t finish a game, of course in an ideal world we’ll have put in well over a hundred hours and have it completed on every difficulty, but in many cases this isn’t practical, but where we feel we need to, we will.

Below you’ll see our break down of how we’ll categorise games.  The interpretation of them is of course in the eye of the beholder, but here’s what we’re trying to get across to you the reader.


This game should not be purchased under any circumstances.


Serious flaws stops us from recommending this game.


A decent game but hard to suggest it’s worth putting down the full retail price for.  The first sale on this title would be a more reasonable cost.


A title that we’re interested in and believe that you should be too.  For whatever reason it’s not a must buy but we’ve liked it enough to recommend you consider it.


A game that should be purchased day one, no questions asked.

Where we feel it’s appropriate we’ll add the following Pause Resume logos to our reviews:

PRBad PRRec PREssential

By all means if you have any queries or questions please get in touch with us, we want to develop and in many circumstances the only way we can do this is by taking opinions from outside the box.


You can find all of our reviews on Open Critic, along with a number of other trusted reviews from various sites.