PSOne Classics: It’s time for a new Crash Team Racing

As part of Pause Resume Q3 we’ve decided to look back on old PlayStation Classics that we feel need to be brought back. Whether it be a remake, remaster or an entirely new game; we’ve let our editors yearn for the days when analogue sticks were some new-fangled fad that’ll never catch on.

With the release of the Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy at the end of June, there’s little reason for Sony not to advance with a full on Crash revival.

As soon as the news broke of the trilogy’s release, huge numbers of people took to voicing their opinions of what they wanted next…and there’s no doubt in what the overwhelming response was.

Originally developed by Naughty Dog and released in 1999, Crash Team Racing was one of the dominant cartoon racing games of the early 2000s, an incredibly successful competitor to the Mario Kart franchise. It was so successful in fact, that it spawned an indirect sequel in 2003, Crash Nitro Kart, and took a place in the hearts of many a 90s kid.
Bringing together fifteen separate playable characters from the first three games, it told the story of Crash and Cortex’ efforts to thwart the megalomaniacal galactic racer Nitros Oxide from conquering the whole planet. With smooth controls, colourful level designs, and a penchant for the cartoony craziness we all grew to love from the Bandicoot himself, Crash Team Racing, as well as the party game Crash Bash, became staples for every multiplayer session on the PS1. Or, if you’re like me, every single player session as well.

Originally containing five separate game modes, there’s no limit to how a remaster on the PS4 could improve the various aspects of the game. Audio in particular could be vastly redone, especially since it was the one key area that received criticism on the game’s initial release. With the power of the PS4, visuals could be tidied up and nailed down with perfection beyond even what the N-Sane Trilogy was capable of, and that’s before taking into account anything that could be added on top, although obviously deviating from the original too much could naturally draw criticism from fans.

And there’s nothing to stop the game from taking inspiration from the success of Mario Kart itself. Crash has spawned a huge number of sequels since then, so there’s good reason to think CTR could come back with more content than it originally had. We thrived off sixteen tracks and four battle maps before, so…why not add in some of the Nitro Kart tracks? How about some inspired by levels in later Crash games, like Twinsanity? And, of course, new characters could be brought in to the roster as unlockables, such as Nina, N.Brio, Koala Kong or any of the characters from Nitro Kart and beyond. With the diversity of tracks in Mario Kart, a CTR remaster could spawn a big challenger to one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises whilst remaining totally individual and unique.

And (whisper it very quietly), with the N-Sane Trilogy releasing all three original Crash games at once, there could be a chance of us getting CTR combined with Nitro Kart, or even Crash Bash…or maybe all three…

Whatever the hopes of Sony, they would be foolish to instantly dismiss the cries for CTR to follow in the trilogy’s footsteps…

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