PS2 Classics: Will We Ever See A New Getaway?

As part of our PS2 Classics series on PauseResumeQ4, we let Alexandra reminisce on an old favourite, and ponder how a new Getaway might resurface.

The Getaway is a game that I will always remember. My first memories of it were at my cousins’ as they had a PlayStation 2 long before we did at home and this was one of our favourites to play together. Having grown up in London, we all recognised the streets and would be shouting directions to each other. As I have grown up, I have replayed this game and now appreciate it for its characters and individuality and not just the recognisable streets.

It would be easy to ask for a standard remake of The Getaway or a remaster. Even easier to say that they should remake the series in an open world like before. What if we looked at bringing the series back a little differently though? In some ways, Sony already has …

The London Heist, available through VR Worlds, is supposed to be a spiritual successor to The Getaway. For a VR experience, this gave a great little taste of what The Getaway in VR could be like. The shooting gameplay worked well with the Move controllers and turning it into a full Getaway experience would be great, even if it’s only a remake of some of the bigger shoot-em-up scenes.

The newly announced VR game Blood and Truth does kind of do this, however, it does so in a modern manner. Your British gangsters are in clean-cut suits – as in The Getaway and The London Heist – but they just feel a bit more modern. This is one route you could go down with a new Getaway, you could even introduce Mark Hammond’s son (Mark Hammond being the main protagonist of the original games) into this world and you have a modern VR The Getaway. London Studio has announced that they are looking to expand this world to showcase the glamour and grit of modern day London.

What about something a bit different though? With The Getaway being set within the streets of London it could be possible to make an AR game. You could have your streets on your phone, like in Pokemon GO, then have to collect different items to complete missions. To find items you have to go to certain locations on the map, and once you have collected all the items for your mission it could go to a cutscene or a mini-game for you to complete the mission. Obviously, this is something that is only loosely based on The Getaway but it could bring a new dimension to these sorts of games, while also capitalising on the success of Pokemon GO.

“What about something a bit different though? With The Getaway being set within the streets of London it could be possible to make an AR game

I could also see a game similar to Hidden Agenda being made in the vein of The Getaway. Play with a couple of friends to determine where Mark Hammond’s choices will take him. You could set this before the original Getaway, when Mark was trying to get out of the gangster lifestyle. Maybe charting Mark’s rise to the top, with the game being set at the start of his journey in London’s underworld.

There are many directions one could take with a game such as The Getaway. It’s diverse and full of rich characters and potential. To be honest just a simple, updated version of the originals would be enough for me to get excited but as time goes on, the likelihood of that diminishes.

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