Persona 6 Will Eventually Come, But Let’s Enjoy The Spin-Offs While We Can

After the marathon that was Persona 5, some people are already looking towards Persona 6. Jason Rocha thinks we should enjoy the inevitable Persona 5 spin-offs for a while though …

What if there was an alternative to replaying Persona 5 for a 2nd 3rd or 4th time? Even die-hard fans are wary of the Shin Megami Tensei series’ demanding 100+ hour narratives. We’re torn between the frivolities of daily life and just wanting to sit down and hang out with our dear virtual friends.

And waifus.

The answer, ladies and gentleman, to this cruel love affair is found in the recent announcements of PQ2, P3 Dancing Moon Night, and P5 Dancing Star Night. While spin-offs are often stigmatized, usually rightly so, there are many reasons why you should be eager for these non-mainline entries.

Whereas the general gaming community may dismiss these games, the majority of spin-offs really, as simple fan-service; I must agree entirely. These games are fan service and a means for Atlus to capitalize on a hit series, although in this unique case, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Persona 4 Arena and Arena Ultimax are genuinely good fighting games combined with an interesting, if not clunky, storyline. It allowed Persona 4 to explore much darker territory with new character Labrys and answered the “Where are they now” question for the much-beloved Persona 3 characters. Like Persona Q, these stories are not exceptional, but not bad by any means. A premise as ridiculous as dancing is still given the proper care and polish so that you are not just throwing your money away. There are sad, disappointing, and offensive attempts at fan service out there, but Persona understands that underlying all the initial greed should be a true gift to the fans.

And hey, at least Atlus didn’t announce a Persona Xtreme Beach Volleyball game. Although that might sell well.

Rhythm games may be the way to go, because dammit, this music is just too damn good to waste! P4 Dancing All Night featured some amazing remixes of an already fantastic soundtrack. Now my favorite tracks for P5, Rivers in the desert and Keeper of Lust, will get the same well deserved treatment. Same goes for Persona 3 with its odd Japanese hip-hop.

Before the juggernaut status of Persona 5, before the wide-spread popularity of Persona 4, Persona 3 was what originally put the series on the map and these spin-offs serve to give that underrated PS2 game a much-deserved revival. The universe is canonically expanded upon while avoiding pitfalls like Kingdom Hearts’ controversial style of supplemental entries. Fingers crossed for an eventual P3 PS4 Remaster.

It may be said that they are nothing but cash-grabbing, fan-service-y, fun and nonsensical entries. To which I would refute, the fun and nonsensical is often underrated. We all want a Persona 6, but I think it would be best to give the company time to properly plan out and develop the next numbered entry. I’m fine with waiting; let’s not abandon SEES, The Investigation Team, or the Phantom Thieves just yet.

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