Pause Resume Presents … An Interview with Corey Marshall

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first ever episode of Pause Resume Presents, a brand new podcast series from the fine folks behind Pause Resume where we’re going to provide you with the things you want to know from those who live, work and breath the games industry.

From voice actors and actresses, to developers big and small, we want you to make yourself a nice drink so you can sit down, relax and take in the conversations from the people who are involved with the games that you play.

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Today, we launch Episode 1 of Pause Resume Presents with a voice actor that, for some strange reason, always struck a chord with me.  

Corey Marshall Shenmue 3 Yu Suzuki

Back in the winter of 2000, I was glued to my Dreamcast for hours at a time listening to a man say such iconic catchphrases as: “Do you know where I can find some sailors?” “Did you see a black car?” And my personal favourite: “Let’s get sweaty”. 

At the time, having a fully-voiced cast of characters in a video game was a rarity, as we were so used to reading lengthy text with often terrible translation from its Japanese origins.  With Shenmue, we got something a bit different.  And it’s because of those long winter days and nights that I spent playing as Ryo Hazuki when I was 15 years old that I fell in love with video games, with that in mind, I’m delighted to say that Pause Resume Presents’ first guest, is the man who brought a cult legend to life. 

Corey Marshall, the voice of Ryo Hazuki.  

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