Pause Resume Presents … A PHOGS Interview!

Have you ever heard of Phogs?  Chances are you might not have.

Walking amongst one of the video game tradeshows here in the UK I looked amongst the sea of gritty first-person shooters, expansive world determining RPGs and tons of games set amongst the stars to see a car that was chock full of … well, colour.

The tiny Phogs demo stand lit the room around it up like many a booth on the show floor didn’t.  Phogs didn’t surround itself with greys, blacks and browns but a cute double ended dog and more colour than you’d find in a bag of skittles.  For Episode 2 of Pause Resume Presents I spoke to the team behind this colourful indie game – Bitloom Games – in order to find out more the game, their journey and how you become a game developer.

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