Pause Resume is Changing

Pause Resume is quickly coming up on its third birthday in April and in that short time the games industry and the media that accompanies it has vastly changed.

This site has always been run as a labour of love and as a result, will continue to do so. We enjoy making content and there’s more than a few of you out there who enjoy reading/listening/watching us, so thank you.

For 2019 and the foreseeable future we’re going to make some changes to the way that we do things and the biggest change comes with our quarterly schedule. In short, we’re doing away with it. There’s a multitude of reasons for this but the main one is that we’re going to be doing more in the podcast space.

The Pause Resume Show has grown steadily over the past few months so we’re going to focus more on that because, quite simply, you’re listening. So, from January 22nd, you’ll get a new Pause Resume Show every two weeks and towards the end of Spring we’ll be launching a brand new podcast show called Pause Resume Presents – but more on that closer to launch.

Our written content will be taking a back seat for now but we’ll be continuing our in-depth looks at games, people and the industry in general. This starts in January where  we’ll be publishing an in-depth look at Recore and how it was Xbox One’s Lost Gem.

We’ll also be removing our no advertisement disclaimers at the bottom of every article moving forward. We’re looking at introducing a new income model and again, there’ll be more on this in the coming months.

Thank you for listening, reading and watching Pause Resume. These changes have been made to safeguard the future of the site, ensure that we still enjoy creating content and to allow us to continue playing games and telling you all about them.

Pause Resume 2019 Plan

The Pause Resume Show

Our staple podcast providing you with news, views, reviews and nonsense every two weeks. It’s back on Tuesday January 22nd.

You can subscribe to the Pause Resume Show on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

Pause Resume Presents

Our new podcast, launching in late Spring with exclusive views, opinions and insight into the games industry.


Our written content that delves into a game, topic or idea from the industry and explores it. We’ll often accompany this with a video or audio version, allowing you to read, listen or watch at your leisure. There’s already a whole host of In-Depth pieces already, so why not go grab a coffee and give those a read now?


We’re in the fantastic position of receiving games from developers and publishers. When we do, we’ll write our thoughts down in a more formal review, as well as discuss it on the Pause Resume Show.

Opinion Articles

You’ll still find shorter opinion pieces on the site, just perhaps not as regularly as before. When we need to get something out or allow a guest to, we’ll post it on the site.

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