What is the Nintendo NX?

It’s common knowledge that the next Nintendo system is on the way.  Confirmation came by way of then-president Satoru Iwata when explaining Nintendo’s move into the mob...

Best Games: Splatoon

The inklings arrived on the Wii U and it’s not taken them long to dominate the Wii U’s multiplayer scene.

Can you trust Keiji Inafune?

The man behind Mighty No. 9 and the Red Ash Kickstarters has had success and failure to varying degrees. After a rollercoaster last few years, are we ready to trust the man behind...

Patch Notes Destiny

In the first of our inaugural Patch Notes segments we take a look at Destiny's journey from Bungie's newest project, to a fully fledged loot and grind machine.

Firewatch Review

Many people have asked the question: what is Firewatch? Now, it's time to answer and add a number on the end.