Overcooked Review

Overcooked brings us the return of couch co-op, a genre that has been skipped over in recent years. The developers, Ghost Town games, have brought it back in a crazy fashion by forcing you to cook and clean in a timely manner to eventually defeat the ancient edible evil.

The game starts with the Onion King telling us how we need to help rebuild the Onion Kingdom by feeding the masses. We are then disturbed by the beast, who has a meatball head and a body made out of spaghetti. This rude interruption marks the start of your first task, making salads to feed the beast. You automatically fail this, no matter how quick you are, and are sent back in time to learn the culinary skills to be able to eventually defeat him.

The campaign can be played with up to four people playing together and it sees you travelling across the Onion Kingdom, completing a multitude of different levels along the way. Each level is unlocked by completing the level before, but unlocking later levels depends on how many stars you’ve already collected, sometimes forcing you to go back and re-do a level to earn the correct number of stars.

Playing through the campaign in single-player can become tedious and frustrating after a while as levels become more complicated. As you progress moving parts and changing scenery will become more common and can often get in the way of you completing your objective.

Playing with at least one other player makes the levels much more fun and exciting. Players often end up falling off edges while trying to get around each other and furiously shouting “mushroom, mushroom, quick, now” at each other. Despite all this shouting and mayhem though there is a fun factor, trying to make as many portions as quickly as your team can really gives you a sense of completion, especially if you get the full 3 stars on offer.

Versus levels see you trying to cook up as many orders as possible to beat your friends. All your tips add to your total score, so completing an order as quickly as possible is vital for those extra points. Unfortunately, I’ve found that this mode is not as fun as working together to complete the campaign. The levels in versus are unlocked by completing levels within the campaign and this is also where you can unlock new characters to play as.

Overcooked is a fun game that you can keep coming back to again and again. Couch co-op means you can play with a multitude of different people, giving you endless fun. The only part of this game I didn’t enjoy was when I was playing on my own. You definitely need to get a couple of friends over to enjoy the game fully. At £12.99/$16.99 this game is a steal and definitely worth your time with a few friends.


We tested the PlayStation 4 version after receiving a review code from the publisher.

Overcooked is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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