Nintendo Switch Event Predictions

It’s another year and for what feels like the umpteenth time Nintendo are back. Sure, most people ignore the fact that Nintendo are sitting on heaps of cash but peddling the fact that they’re ‘in trouble’ doesn’t get you clicks.

We here at Pause Resume are excited for the Nintendo Switch. So excited in fact that we just can’t help speculating on what you might see and hear from Nintendo’s own Switch reveal on January 12th in the US at 8pm EST, January 13th in the UK and Europe 4am GMT, 5am CET.

Anthony Daly

Nintendo are going to want to make a big splash with this presentation and what could be bigger than announcing Splatoon 2. That would certainly put a smile on my face. I’m also expecting a lot of technical jargon such as system specifications before they tell us that all important battery life.

Then I’m sure they will have some other console accessories to show the world. Lastly the big hitters will be shown. Expect more Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage and Nintendo will announce its release date I’m hoping. Then the grand finale….a new Mario game.

Craig Shields

We’ll find out a lot of stuff that we already know thanks to leaks, such as the touch screen functionality and the IR feature on the JoyCon.

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be delayed, especially now that Nintendo are using ‘2017’ to describe its release date. In its place, I think that the new Mario 3D game briefly shown in the trailer will be confirmed as a launch title.

A lot of people are expecting Nintendo to open the flood gates when it comes to games, but I’ve got a feeling they’ve shown almost all of their early Switch games already. Hopefully saving Metroid for an E3 reveal and 2018 release.

Alex Sodhi

As is tradition with these events it will start with a montage of games and cool hip people playing the Switch. We will get a confirmation on prices and bundles and no doubt a number of accessories.

I think we will see a few of the big hitting games, Mario being the obvious one, but my bets are on a Pokemon game for Switch. Also, I can see a number of third-party games making an appearance and confirmed for launch, we know Skyrim is coming, Resident Evil 7 could be cool and unexpected.

Minor prediction that we will see some kind of Trophies/Achievement system.

Alexandra Collinson

I don’t think we will be finding out too much more than we already have found from various different sources already.

What I think we can expect to see is the full line up of games being released with the Switch on day one, perhaps the new Mario 3D and Splatoon (2?).

Although a lot of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has already been shown I am doubtful that it is going to be out on day one. Hopefully Nintendo will be able to shred more light on this and give us a date, which has been left out of more recent discussions from Nintendo.

I am also wondering if we will see a new Star Fox game for the Switch, something I think a lot of fans would like to see. Hey, perhaps we will even get to see those awesome puppets again?

Gavin Thomas

The Nintendo show is almost upon us and I can only think of two questions: what other games will be playable and how much money are they going to take from me?

First of all, I would love to see a classic like Super Smash Bro. Melee appear. That game kept me and my friends busy for hours on end. It looks like playing NBA allows gamers to play together via two separate consoles, how about FIFA? That would an epic addition.

Price wise I would hope it’s not as much as other consoles such as the PS4, being less powerful but I am leaning towards the £250-£300 price range simply because it will be a newly released console and the fact it packs awesome features. Let’s hope the January show doesn’t disappoint the many fans out there.

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