The Next Titanfall: What Needs To Happen

Gavin Thomas explores the best bits of Titanfall 2 and explains what the next Titanfall game needs to be a success …

***Please be aware that the following contains SPOILERS for Titanfall 2’s campaign***

I’ve just completed my gauntlet training, it could of gone better. I don’t get a chance to think about it though, it’s about time to get to work. I make a rocky landing on Typhoon and take out a dozen enemies, they didn’t stand a chance but suddenly I’m ambushed.

I’m saved by my mentor not once but twice, first from a group of merciless mercs and then from some lizard dog things (all I could think of when I saw them). All this came at a price, my mentor is killed but he did leave me a gift; BT-7274 and I couldn’t be more appreciative, my journey as a Pilot has begun.

After reading Craig’s spot on review of the game and being a die hard fan of the original myself, I needed the sequel. The game hasn’t done as well in sales as games like Battlefield and FIFA but lets be honest it’s not as popular. Luckily, those who have played it have been thoroughly impressed, our very own Craig scoring it a 5/5 and IGN  a 9/10. This is no surprise, as it features an incredible campaign, fast paced and smooth multiplayer, and most importantly no season pass. That’s right people, all future content is completely free.

Recently EA has expressed interest in prolonging the series and this is exciting for Titanfall and gaming fans in general, but in order to progress, a few things will need to be added to take the series to even greater heights.

Better and Longer Campaign

Although the story for Titanfall 2 was one of the best I’ve played this year, it was rather short. It doesn’t impact the quality of the campaign but if it was longer I feel more people could connect with the setting and characters more. In my opinion, I thought the relationship between BT and Cooper was that of a great bromance, one wouldn’t of been as good without the other. BT’s serious robot manner complimented Cooper’s newbie, and sometimes immature, personality well.

The game left off with a big character leaving and Cooper not getting some just vengeance. This sets up a sequel with hopefully a returning but more mature (and still a little cocky) Cooper taking on Blisk and a new set of interesting, slightly more difficult merc buddies. Obviously it wouldn’t be the same without BT but judging by the ending scene he could make a return.

Improved multiplayer

The multiplayer has stayed as fun and fast as ever but I feel a few things could be added. First and foremost there should be even more Titans, not that there’s not enough now but an even bigger variety couldn’t hurt. The customisation is awesome, Scorch with a big red devil face looks epic but maybe being able to change armour pieces would give the player the opportunity to make their Titan even more unique and personal.

A good variety of game modes are nice but to be honest I mostly play attrition and bounty hunt, the others don’t really have much attraction. I feel like a survival mode would benefit the multiplayer,  imagine a computer virus has revived damaged or decommissioned Titans that just want to wipe everything out?

There are so many ideas that could make Titanfall the must have FPS but I think these two are a great start. The slight improvements will elevate the series to an even greater status and with already offering players free future DLC, Respawn are well on the road to being the legends we know they can be.