PSOne Classics: Wouldn’t a new Theme Park be great?

As part of Pause Resume Q3 we’ve decided to look back on old PlayStation Classics that we feel need to be brought back. Whether it be a remake, remaster or an entirely new game; we’ve let our editors yearn for the days when analogue sticks were some new-fangled fad that’ll never catch on.

As a child, Theme Park was one of my absolute favourite games. The idea that I could create my own theme park was absolutely thrilling and sure, there have been others since then, but for me, Theme Park was the original and best and giving me the child-like feeling of owning and running your own theme park.

One of the things I was obsessed with was making sure those damned paths were clean! I would hire handyman after handyman to pop in and keep on top of my Park’s cleanliness, but it never felt like there were enough.

If you have played RollerCoaster Tycoon then you will know the basics for Theme Park – you build a theme park with rides and eateries and then employ people to help keep up the smooth running of the park. Recently released Planet Coaster seems to have made this a bit more complex with it giving you control over more intricate details like the terrain of your Park.

The world of theme park games has seemed to grow with the PC but since Theme Park and it’s predecessor Theme Park World, we have not seen a day one release for console from this genre. It would be great to see a release from this genre on the Playstation 4; Seeing the genre going back to the routes that Peter Molyneux and Bullfrog set down, being able to build a simple park and then letting it play out. Theme Park 2 would be great to see and something that would be very easy for EA, as the current owners of the IP, would easily be able to do.

EA could do so much with this title. Bringing the title into this new era of gaming could be a big step up for EA, but to just bring back this genre back to consoles would be great to see.

One of the area’s that I think the game could be great in is a VR setting. Imagine being able to build your park and then become the handymen, mechanic or entertainer – making sure that every inch of your park is safe and ready to go for your visitors. You could have a map that works a bit like Google Earth does on Vr, where you can move around it from an eagle view then zoom in to eventually be on the path.

Another thing that could be kinda cool could be to use augmented reality, perhaps not on a console but with tablets. You could map out your Park in 2D on your tablet then see it come to life, in a 3D format, through the use of AR. This could be something that most members of a family would be able to enjoy and get involved in.

With EA owning the rights to Theme Park it could be only a question of when we will see a Theme Park 2, which considering they only released an iOS version of Theme Park back in 2011, it doesn’t seem like a tall question to be asking. Personally, I would like to see more but just the game on a modern console would make me happy enough.

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