It’s time for a new Dino Crisis

Is it time for Capcom to look at making a new Dino Crisis following the success of Resident Evil? Guest contributor Anthony Daly argues the case…

This year’s E3 spectacular produced a whole slew of exciting new games to look forward too. From returning classics like God of War to impactful new technologies like Playsation VR, E3 has without a doubt left the majority excited about the immediate future of gaming. For me, however, the most compelling title featured was one with a gaming lineage dating back to the Playstation 1, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, to give it its full mouthful of a name.

In terms of gameplay the Resident Evil series has gone through some dramatic changes over the course of the series, and as someone who played the original Resident Evil – on the Sega Saturn of all consoles – it was incredibly refreshing to hear Capcom state that they wanted to get back to the games’ survival horror roots.

Seeing the new take on the series got me thinking about the original game and its bastardised brethren Dino Crisis. Dino Crisis was essentially Resident Evil with the zombies and assorted monsters replaced with dinosaurs. Clearly it was the product of an unashamedly short brain storming session at Capcom. “Resident Evil sold really well…I’ve got it lets make resident evil (pause for dramatic effect) with dinosaurs. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it…just tweak it.

Working off the same game mechanics and practically same graphics as Resident Evil, Dino Crisis saw the player control a character named Regina, who as a member of a special tactics team is sent to Ibis Island to locate the mundanely named Dr. Kirk. Upon arrival at the island one of the team is promptly devoured by a T-Rex which sets the tone for a game that many in my group of childhood friends favoured over Resident Evil (those individuals have since been ostracised from the group).

Similar to Resident Evil in so many ways such as combat, controls, puzzles, and even the corny, yet endearing, voice acting, Dino Crisis still sticks with me to this day. Of course Resident Evil was a landmark title whilst to the untrained eye Dino Crisis was merely a rip off.

The game sold quite well at the time with over 2 million copies purchased and was followed up by Dino Crisis 2, and 3. To put that in perspective it outsold Devil May Cry, another game which Capcom has treated in a far more revered manner.

For all the ways in which it was a clear copy of Resident Evil it’s still the only dinosaur survival horror game that I can think of and after seeing Resident Evil being remade on several occasions it’s time for Dino Crisis to get the same respect.

Envision, if you will, a Dino Crisis game given the Resident Evil 4 treatment. There is the potential to give us a hugely impressive, far darker, more action packed and downright frightening game than the original concept could have ever conceived.

It wasn’t the perfect game by any stretch of the imagination but it did have wonderful atmosphere and set pieces which if reworked could make for a great remake and if Jurassic World proved one thing, it’s that the public still has a voracious appetite for all things dinosaur, so I beseech Capcom to dust off this classic Playstation game and give us a remake.

This article was written by Pause Resume contributor Anthony Daly, you can follow him on Twitter @AnthonyDaly1

Image was used from DeviantArt