PsOne Classics: Where’s my new Croc game?

As part of Pause Resume Q3 we’ve decided to look back on old PlayStation Classics that we feel need to be brought back. Whether it be a remake, remaster or an entirely new game; we’ve let our editors yearn for the days when analogue sticks were some new-fangled fad that’ll never catch on.

As a very young kid, Croc was one of the very first 3D platformers that I ever played, and whilst it might not have been super challenging it was always a delight to play.

Croc always wanted to fall under the same umbrella as Crash Bandicoot, Mario and Spyro but it never found its mark. With that being said, it certainly appealed to younger players who wanted a fun and easy ride.

Croc played like a lot of 3D platformers, you played through various levels completing puzzles and challenges, however, there was a slight difference. Croc could only be moved in one direction at a time, meaning you had to point him in the direction you want to move; he can’t be moved around freely in all directions.

Whilst Croc did have an attack, he could never kill enemies, but instead, would make them disappear for a minute or so before regenerating. You would find yourself gathering white crystals in the same way that Sonic collects rings and I always remember being annoyed when I would lose my crystals!

Another thing that always sticks in my mind is that great cheesy soundtrack the game had. It was so fitting and brought a smile to my face whenever I used to play it. Croc was just one of those games that didn’t really involve too much stress, whilst there were challenges along the way most of the fun was just from running along to the music and whacking some enemies.

It wouldn’t be the greatest remake of all time by any means, but it would go back to a type of game that wasn’t going to push you to your limits but instead guide you through a colourful and great sounding game. Croc was simplistic, but ultimately, it was fun.

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