Mass Reflect: Jennifer Hale Talks To Pause Resume

If you’ve played any video game at all, then it’s likely that you’ve run into one that involves Jennifer Hale.

She’s the voice of so many characters in a number of iconic games, from Halo to Metal Gear Solid to BioShock and so much more. But the role that she’s most recognised for is the portrayal of the female Commander Shepard in the original Mass Effect trilogy.

It’s a series with an abundance of touching moments, fast-paced action, and narrative that at times can leave you craving to find out what happens next.

We managed to catch up with Jennifer in between her busy schedule to find out what she thought about working on a series that became the focus for more and more gamers as each release came by. We also asked for her thoughts on the controversial ending to the trilogy, what it was like to work in conjunction with the male Commander Shepard, Mark Meer, and how Bioware worked to deliver a character that will live long in the memory.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our one-on-one interview with Jennifer Hale who was gracious enough to give us a little bit of her time.

Jennifer stars in the upcoming ‘Lost In Oz’ animation that has recently been released for Amazon Prime, and also has a role in the upcoming story mode of Steam game The Long Dark.

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