Mantis Burn Racing Switch Review

Craig gets behind the wheel in our Mantis Burn Racing Switch Review.

Despite being available on other platforms for a little while now, Mantis Burn Racing’s take on top-down racing always seemed to be better suited to the Nintendo Switch.

Perhaps it was my love of Micro Machines as a child but the moment I started playing Mantis Burn Racing something just ‘clicked’ for me. It’s top-down racing in its purest form, a type of gameplay that I haven’t touched since before my teenage years.

As much as I would’ve loved it to be, Mantis Burn Racing isn’t a carbon-copy of the old 90s classic. Instead, it carves out its own path and niche in the market, preferring to be more grounded in realism rather than going for a more cartoony take as is so often with top down racing games. As you start playing and weaving around corners while looking from above you’ll be gently allowed to explore the various tracks without too much of a challenge. The more you play the more XP you’ll gain, allowing you to unlock new parts for one of your four vehicles, making them better and faster to drive.

While the gameplay is enjoyable, Mantis Burn Racing does have its drawbacks. For starters, you’ll be racing around the same tracks over and over again, especially in the early hours and to make matters worse the same aesthetics are used without too much variety. You’ll see the dusty desert and the city a whole bunch in the opening few hours and even tracks that are different in their layout still feel similar to ones you’ve previously played, leaving you to ponder whether it’s the same track or not.

As you progress through the Career Mode’s different challenges, ranging from a standard race to Grand Prix events, Elimination and Knockout, the difficulty level increases each season, presenting you with a tough but fair challenge as you gain more and more experience. The Career Mode isn’t as intense or high-adrenaline as its bigger racing rivals but Mantis Burn Racing never attempts to be that. Its main mode is delivered in easily digestible bite-sized chunks which is perfect for pick-up and play on the Switch.

Local and Online multiplayer options are also available but moving through career mode here and there is the real draw. During my playthrough, I never felt the need to plough through the game for hours on end. A quick 20 or 30 minutes here and there more than satisfied my appetite for the game and I can see me dipping in for some time to come.

Mantis Burn Racing lacks in personality and at times looks bland but the format of its Career Mode and top-down gameplay combine to give you a satisfying game that you can dip in and out of at your leisure for some time.

Mantis Burn Racing Switch Review Conclusion

There’s no doubt that there’s an audience for Mantis Burn Racing. It’s a neat little top-down racing game that’s great for the pick-up and play nature of the Switch. It’s let down by a lack of variety and personality but don’t let that put you off if you’re a keen racer and own a Switch.


We tested Mantis Burn Racing Switch after receiving a review code from the publisher and it’s out now for Nintendo Switch.

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