Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 Review

Life Is Strange: Episode 2 picks up where the last episode left off with the fire caused during the previous episode raging, it sets the backdrop for a rather melodramatic chapter of this three-part series.

From the outset, Chloe and Rachael’s relationship is explored in much more detail during Episode 2, as is the relationship between Chloe and her step-dad David. Chloe and David’s relationship is much more stagnant than her relationship with any of the other characters though, with the focus primarily on their contrasting views on life leading to argumentative dialogue which doesn’t really lead to many conclusions.

This is in contrast to her relationship with Rachel which is deeper and is given room to grow, giving the player more of an understanding of the connection between the two.

Like Episode 1, you will be able to use the Backtalk functionality to win an argument or convince someone to do something for you, it works exactly the same way as it did in the first episode, although the opportunities to make a dramatic difference to the story with it appear to be less than the previous episode.

“… Chloe struggles to juggle all of life’s issues”

Naturally, the story continues where it left off. As Chloe, you get to meet with Rachael Ambers parents and her family, which adds a new dynamic to the narrative. Whilst you as Chloe are trying to support Rachael with her family problems, you are still trying to work out your own, with step-Dad David getting closer to Chloe’s Mum and school becoming ever more stressful. Rachael will become your rock during this episode, always being there for you and even becoming your counsellor at one point as Chloe struggles to juggle all of life’s issues.

The graffiti tasks continue within Episode 2 as well and are more hidden than in previous chapters, but are always a treat to find if you search hard enough. The graffiti is optional but all relate to Chloe in one way or another. You get to decide what you draw but all options are reflective of Chloe’s badass character.

While there’s no need to go through the original Life Is Strange before playing Before The Storm, it would certainly help. Episode 2 is a nice progression of the story in Before The Storm and while this episode is far more narrative-driven than the first one, it sets up the finale of the series in a nice way.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 Review Conclusion

Episode 2 really aims to build on the story set out in the first episode. There’s not as much gameplay as in previous episodes, this does bring you back to the reality that this is, in essence, a visual novel but also allows the story to be developed in a fitting manner.


We tested Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 after purchasing a retail copy for Playstation 4. Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 is out now for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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