Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 Review

After completing the first two episodes, Alexandra takes on our Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 review to see if it’s hella good.

Following a dramatic first two episodes, I was hoping that everything would culminate in the final chapter. The beginning of Episode 3 starts off in a similar way to the final episode of the original Life is Strange; in that we go back in time and look at glimpses of the past. You don’t move Chloe through any areas, instead, you just move the camera to specific places in order to progress. I liked this part, as it felt new whilst also being a throwback to the first game.

After this, we have another odd scene that takes place. This happens in Chloe’s, now familiar, dream state. Here, Chloe is on stage in an improvisation scene with her Dad. The scene is really odd and has a lot of subliminal messaging within it. As with the other dream states, this whole scene is dark and ends with a nice message about how the world is a stage but Chloe just wants to be able to be herself.

It’s after all of this that we get back to the here and now. Rachel receives some shocking news and of course, Chloe is there to be a shoulder for Rachel. This is where Chloe promises that she will do whatever she can in order to help Rachel find the answers she needs.

In this chapter, Chloe’s relationship with Rachel – that has been built up in previous episodes – plays a strong part here. Rachel needs Chloe and is very dependant on her throughout this episode. Chloe’s relationship with her Step-Dad also makes a turn, with David being able to open up a bit to Chloe about his past. In a strange way, David actually seems more relatable as a character, although it’s clear (through the dream sequences) that he will never be as close to Chloe as her Dad was.

For me, the conclusion lacked lustre. It was interesting but it just didn’t feel as dramatic or punchy as it could have been. It was all rather sad and just felt a bit awkward, which is fine for some games but it didn’t feel like it fit in properly with the franchise.

There are lots of choices you can make that will affect how the story will end for you, and whether Rachel will ever get the answers that she has always been looking for. One of the choices will, for instance, affect if you give money to charity or not much later in the game.

I was hoping that this chapter would feed a bit more into the original story of Life is strange but unfortunately, we only get a snapshot of this right at the end of the game. The game is fun, but this does make it feel a tad disjointed from the first game.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 Review Conclusion

This chapter brought us some new types of gameplay. However, the story just didn’t bring the punch that we were hoping for and that had been built up throughout the other two episodes.


We tested Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 after purchasing a digital copy, it’s out now for PlayStation 4.

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