PsOne Classics: A Legend of Dragoon Remake Needs to Happen

As part of Pause Resume Q3 we’ve decided to look back on old PlayStation Classics that we feel need to be brought back. Whether it be a remake, remaster or an entirely new game; we’ve let our editors yearn for the days when analogue sticks were some new-fangled fad that’ll never catch on.

Jason Rocha looks at why The Legend of Dragoon needs to be thrust back into the limelight

Fantasy is a famously complicated genre, much like sci-fi, you rarely see anything truly original being produced.

In our modern age where business repeatedly triumphs over art, companies seldom take chances on unique ideas. When chances are taken what is arguably the most universal and empathetic genre of all is a constant victim of mediocre works across all platforms of media. That being said, Sony struck gold with what is possibly the greatest fantasy RPG of all time. Fantasy fuels dreams, fantasy IS dreams and at an early age, my dreams were overwhelmed by The Legend of Dragoon. This relatively unknown masterwork has now become a cult classic among PlayStation fans. It may never see the light of day again, nonetheless, after having become permanently engrained in my memory, it would truly be a dream come true to see a modern remake.

This PS1 classic was my first experience with turn-based combat, but even as early as 2000; TLOD was already making great innovations to the classic method. The addition system where button prompts determined the length and power of your combo had the player constantly engaged in the action. Dragoon transformations added another layer to encounters, impacting both flow and strategy. Transformations allowed short bursts of increased ATK and DEF with the addition of magic attacks and support. Not to mention the sheer elation one got every time a transformation cutscene was triggered.

The Legend of Dragoon’s lore is surprisingly deep and still holds up to this day. Whereas most fantasies rinse and repeat the great world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, TLOD expertly crafts its world with varied species and grand mythic history. The game was my first ever exposure to legends that went beyond my family’s conventional beliefs. The concept of a “divine tree”, gigantos, winglies, mirages, all of it culminated into an unforgettable journey that undoubtedly kickstarted my interest in the worlds different mythologies and cultures.

Legend of Dragoon Remake

Upon my recent revisiting of this forgotten gem, I have to say I was genuinely surprised at the game’s expert storytelling. There’s a certain feeling of adventure that you can only find from games of this generation. It goes beyond the lack of media coverage or walkthroughs; The Legend of Dragoon’s mastery over high fantasy elements and wonder crafted a universally resonant story.

I hope with all my heart that this game gets the remake it deserves one day. The already impressive design and story repurposed with modern technology would make a juggernaut of a fantasy game in this our most dark and desperate era of ambiguous release dates. My heart trembles at the thought that this wondrous tale may rise from its obscurity and seize my imagination once again. The pause menu music alone is reason enough for me to travel the country, gathering as many signatures as possible for my petition.

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