Kirby Star Allies Review

Another of Nintendo’s beloved characters make it to the Switch and we gave our Kirby expert the chance to see if it’s a hit. Here’s Alexandra Collinson with our Kirby Star Allies review …

As a huge fan of all things Yoshi and Kirby I could not wait to get my hands on Kirby on the Nintendo Switch. I was excited to see what Nintendo would do with our little friend and what the Switch could do for Kirby.

The world screen of Kirby Star Allies should make you feel right at home if you’re a fan of Nintendo games. Once you have picked a world you will find a screen full of levels to choose from. Once in the world, you’re instantly reminded of the selection screens of Super Mario 3D World and Yoshi’s Wooly World, so anyone who’s played a Nintendo platformer will immediately feel at home at how to work your way through the levels.

Kirby Star Allies is essentially a platformer. You will use A to jump and B to attack any enemies you come across. B will also be used to eat things such as enemies by holding the down button after swallowing an enemy you can borrow their ability. By pressing X you can throw a heart at an enemy and they will then become your friend. Creating friends and playing with friends is the main hook for Kirby Star Allies and becomes essential as you move through the worlds in order to complete levels.

You are able to add some of these abilities – fire, ice, electricity and wind to name a few – to characters who have joined you and hold weapons. Personally, I enjoy using the Yoyo mixed with Birdon. Some of the abilities will be familiar to those who have played a Kirby game before but there are a couple of new ones that appear in Kirby Star Allies. Newcomers will enjoy mixing these up for the first time and prompts are available on screen to help you choose the right abilities if needed.

With your friends you can also create a special ability that you can take advantage of, these are normally prompted and see you and your friends turning into a bridge, a train, star or a circle. Each of these will get you quickly through most levels and past any enemies. They will also get you through some of the more awkward moments when you have to smash through a blockade or avoid falling rocks.

After each level, you get the chance to take part in the Goal Game. This is a little mini-game where you bounce up as far as you can to reach a level. Depending on the level you reach depends on the prize you are awarded, these can be food to help your health anywhere up to puzzle pieces and one up’s (extra lives).

The main objective of each level is to reach the end of it and progress to the next world. However, along the way, you’ll be tasked with picking up optional collectables. There are stars which will, once you have enough, give you a one up, there are puzzle pieces for you to collect that contribute to jigsaw pictures that will appear in your gallery – similar to StreetPass pictures on the 3DS – as well as hidden doors that lead to extra stars, shiny puzzle pieces or maybe even a *gasp* Big Button to push.

Finding and pressing the Big Button in every main level will unlock additional stages or the Dream Palace. The latter of which allows you to exchange one of your friends for a legendary friend, such as King Dedede.

Throughout the game you will face a myriad of bosses, some of these bosses will be able to be used as friends by going to the Dream Palace. After completing mini-bosses, you are able to use their abilities for yourself, like the chef ability. After defeating some of the more well-known bosses, you will encounter the Jambastion Mages, you then have to stop them from collecting Jamba hearts and fulfilling their evil plan. It’s not the most in-depth of stories but does its job of taking you through the levels.

Most Amiibo are compatible with Kirby Star Allies. If you have any from Amiibo from the Kirby franchise these will give you two puzzle piece, whereas others will only give you one. If you want to complete your puzzles these are a good way of being able to. In levels they will also drop additional items, this will come in handy if you’re running low on health.

Kirby Star Allies Review Conclusion

Kirby will not be one of the most challenging games that you will play this year. However, it is fun and definitely can pass the time with a friend or two. If you’re a fan of Kirby, this game will give you more of the same Kirby that we know and love, don’t expect it to hold your attention for long though.


We tested Kirby Star Allies after receiving a review code from the publisher. Kirby Star Allies is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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