How to improve The Division 2

The Division 2 is a great game, in fact, we’re enjoying it so much that our mind has wandered towards how to make it better. Here’s how we think Ubisoft can improve The Division 2

Clearer Loot and Objectives

While going around The Division 2’s Washington DC is great, sometimes, the objectives and loot aren’t quite as clear as the landmarks that surround you. One example is the objective in the Jefferson Plaza mission with Captain Wilson where you need to sabotage the train.

A number of players spent more than a few minutes wandering around the metro station with no idea what they were supposed to do. For this section there’s no clear marker and you only discover the set of missiles you have to shoot by hovering your reticle over it.

In general, loot is often hard to distinguish amongst other every day items that litter around the world. While loot will highlight the closer you get to it, having them really stand out would be great, especially for players who are paranoid about missing anything.

More colourful gear

The personalisation in The Division 2 is a little bit lacking. Filled with mostly greys and blacks, adding some colour or at least some more interesting apparel (that you don’t have to pay real world money for) would be good. The same goes for items like gloves, knee-pads and body armour.

Improved Traversal

Perhaps this will have to wait until the next version of The Division but moving from cover to cover with a number of bullets careening towards you is difficult. Often your Agent will attach him or herself to every wall surface possibly when all you really want your Agent to do is vault over one surface and find cover on the other side of it.

A lot of the time, it’s not as simple as that. A more refined system – like that in Gears of War perhaps – would be preferred to the current one.


Another idea that’s probably too late for The Division 2 but let’s suggest it anyway.

How often have you walked into an area with enemies, unspotted and wanted to silently take them out?

Unfortunately, there’s no stealth option in The Division 2, once you’re within a few feet or fire off one bullet all hell breaks loose. Some type of silent take-down, even a limited one, would be a great addition and add a great sense of satisfaction when planning your route in an area.

Perhaps a return of Sam Fisher will satisfy my thirst for Stealth. Any chance Ubisoft?