The Greatest Game Trailer Ever? Zelda: BotW Looks Stunning

First off, just watch it. Preferably on as big of a TV screen as possible to take in the sheer beauty of what you’re about to witness.

Now, I have to freely admit that I am biased. I absolutely love the Zelda titles, some of which I attach to happy childhood memories – apart from one day when my cat stepped on the N64 reset button during a six hour Ocarina of Time session, where I didn’t save 🙁 – but that’s a story for an opinion piece about cats and their wicked ways.

Getting back on track and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s trailer somewhat saved a lacklustre Nintendo Switch presentation. Not that everything that Nintendo has planned for the Switch is poor, but the delivery of it at the presentation was flat throughout save for Super Mario Odyssey. By bookending the presentation with Breath of the Wild though, Nintendo left a strong image for viewers to take away from the conference. A trailer that proved that Nintendo’s vision of a truly open-world Zelda is real.

It’s been a while since the last Zelda game graced our presence, with A Link Between Worlds being the last major release on the 3DS a few years ago. Although, for a main console game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword arrived in 2011, so the wait for a stay-at-home Zelda has been longer.

Of course, the newest Zelda is both an on the go and stay-at-home title thanks to the Switch. Although with the three hour battery life while playing Breath of the Wild in portable mode, you’ll need to have a charger handy for longer flights and car journeys.

The Breath of the Wild’s trailer is unlike anything we’ve seen from Nintendo before in terms of putting together a tight and hype-inducing package leading up to the launch of a game. Past Zelda trailers have failed to produce the type of endorphins that the trailer at the top of this page provides. Sure, the Twilight Princess reveal almost a decade ago gave fans the style of Zelda they’d been craving for, but the nostalgia for it has waned in the years that have passed.

This Zelda is a landmark for many reasons, and its something that the trailer captures expertly. For the first time voice-acting is going to play an integral role in developing Breath of the Wild’s story and emotions. You can already see this in how Zelda and her father (?) speak to Link throughout, exploring their feelings and emotions, although we’ll need to see the full game to get the full context of the situation.

Some may still be upset at the lack of a playable Zelda, but her portrayal so far has been of a woman who doesn’t just idly stand by, playing the damsel in distress as in past games. Again, we’ll need to wait until the full game, but it looks like she plays a more hands-on role this time round.

The trailer speaks for itself and I can’t hide my excitement as a long-time Zelda fan as to what this game means to me and millions of others around the world. A new Zelda, on Nintendo’s most powerful console sounds like a recipe made in heaven, it’s now just weeks until we discover if the wait has been worth it.