Game Of The Year 2015

We may be in our infancy at Pause Resume, but we’ve played enough video games in 2015 to make a list, and let’s be honest, there aren’t enough lists on the internet.

In order to devise an orderly list, we sat around a table and cut games till our hearts were content.  It wasn’t easy, but after an hour of deliberation we finally came up with our top ten games of 2015.

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We’ll have our first full episode of The Pause Resume Show ready in just a few weeks.  But until then, enjoy our look back at 2015.

For those who just want to get to the good stuff and find out the list, it’s in all it’s glorious below this very sentence:





supermariomaker copy



gotyuntildawn copy



Let us know your top ten for 2015 in the comments below…