FIFA 18’s Career Mode: Five Things That Need To Change

Jack Matthams tells us what he thinks needs to be changed in FIFA’s career mode.

Ah, FIFA Career Mode. For all the joy you’ve brought so many in the past, it seems to be that your death is imminent…or is it?

If there’s one thing about EA’s FIFA games that gets people complaining, myself included, it’s the Career Mode. Once a major staple of the game, it allowed any footie-loving Joe Bloggs to take the place at the helm of their favourite club. Unfortunately, the mode has descended into an old, stale and very short lived experience with every passing year. Sure, every now and then a small new feature was added, but there’s only so many times you can change the style of the menu alone and get away with it. So, with all in consideration, what does FIFA’s Career Mode need to do to win back all the people who refuse to buy the game until something improves?

Transfers and Contracts

Let’s start with something good, a change that has already been announced by EA. Transfers have always been extremely simplistic in Career Mode, with the player unable to insert any diversity to the agreed deals or contracts of those they sign. There were no sell on agreements, no wage increases, and not a hint of release clauses, which play such a pivotal role in today’s game. Yet, it appears they’ve listened on this regard.

From the beta, it seems to be that transfers will now have a whole lot more diversity, including player agents, which have never formally been seen in-game. Managers will now be able to have direct face-to-face 3D chats with players and their agents to talk them around. Whilst I’m initially cautious, this does have the potential to make transfers a lot more diverse.


Sure, some could say this is an issue with the game as a whole, but it particularly strikes deep in Career Mode. Commentary in FIFA has been sub-par, static, and quite frankly boring for far too long. When you watch games live on television, the commentators constantly reference individual player performances, histories, rivalries, news and statistics. Yet all previous FIFA games seem to offer are the annoyingly repetitive opinions of Alan Smith…this needs to change!


Possibly one of the most infuriating things missing from Career Mode is also probably the simplest: there’s no statistics system to allow you to track league, team and player histories as the seasons go by. Now I know that FIFA is by no means Football Manager, but the latter manages to produce endless lists of statistics on pretty much any facet of your game you could want, so it seems hard to believe that FIFA cannot manage to show me how many goals my star striker has scored in his career each year. If EA want players to get truly invested, we need a way to fall deeply into the world we are supposed to be managing. The best way to do this is to give us statistics to look over. And who knows, these could even be used to make commentary more dynamic!


This is slightly more complicated than mere statistics, but is equally as important in my book. At the moment, there’s really no way of knowing where your manager, team or individual players truly stand in the world you’re a part of. The only clues will be the occasional news report or player transfer offer. So, it would be an immense improvement if EA could haul in a reputation system to actually make long term saves meaningful. At the moment many people struggle to get through a couple of seasons and my bet for the main reason why is that the game never really feels like you’re growing as a manager. It never really feels that spectacular when you take a League 2 side to the Champions League final, but if the game made more of an effort to recognize the growing reputation we’ve earned, then players would come to appreciate it and put in a lot more time in than we currently do.

Press Conferences

I feel like this is self explanatory to anyone who has played the game, but the press conferences and media presence in Career Mode are awful! They’re practically meaningless, so much so that nobody has actually managed to gather any concrete evidence on whether they impact your game! It’s simple, but it needs changing.

This is just a small list of the most important aspects that need changing, but if something can be done about each then FIFA’s Career Mode would be an infinitely better game. Let’s get it done EA. Let’s make Career Mode worth playing again.

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