Five things to expect from Xbox at E3

Despite Xbox One sales tracking around the same as the Xbox 360s, Microsoft’s third console is well behind the all-conquering PS4. But with a new upgraded Xbox potentially about to be shown, E3 2016 is a big one for Microsoft. Can they cut into PS4’s gargantuan lead?

First showing of Halo 6


We’re already two-thirds through the Halo Reclaimer trilogy with Halo 5 releasing late last year. With that in mind, we should be due a small teaser trailer for Halo 6, but we think it’ll be more focused on cinematics rather than gameplay, similar to the Halo 5 teaser back at E3 2014.

Recore and Sea of Thieves fully detailed


Keiji Inafune’s Re:Core immediately struck a chord with a lot of gamers, but specifics on what it actually is have been hard to come by thus far. Interest in the title is particularly high especially when you consider the debacle that Inafune’s other title Mighty No. 9 is currently enduring.

Sea of Thieves isn’t the Banjo and Kazooie game some wanted from Rare, but it’s crazy enough to have potential. Rare have been tight-lipped so far about this pirate game, but there are already signs that the Twycross studios’ unique sense of humour is still in tact, and we should find out more (including a release date) at this E3.

Xbox One.5


With PlayStation Neo all but confirmed, it looks like Microsoft will unveil their own upgraded Xbox. Dubbed the Xbox One.5, it should see the reveal of a sleeker looking and more powerful Xbox One, but whether it’ll be enough to turn the tide against the record breaking PS4 we’re yet to see. Expect the reveal, date and even price, for Microsoft’s newest addition to its family of consoles.

HoloLens demonstration


HoloLens received a lukewarm reception from viewers at last year’s E3, but those who actually tried out the tech on the whole came back with glowing reviews. We’re expecting another showing of what HoloLens can do for the Xbox brand and are hoping that we’ll see it being used for something other than Minecraft this time around.

Halo Wars 2 in-depth reveal


Revealed last year, we’ve had no further news on the sequel to the popular Halo Wars.

Expect a full blow out for the sequel of the cult-hit Halo Wars to feature at Xbox’s E3 event but don’t expect it to release this year, we’re hearing Halo Wars 2 is tentatively penciled in for the first half of 2017.