Five things to expect from PlayStation at E3

After making everyone’s dreams come true at last year’s E3, we’re expecting Sony to have a quieter conference this time around.

However, after Sony Worldwide Studios President Shawn Layden wore a Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt at last year’s PSX, rumours have been circulating that Sony are trying to bring their mascot back home. We’re sceptical as to whether or not that may be the case, but in the meantime, here are five items we expect Sony to deliver at this year’s E3.

The Last Guardian gets a release date


It’s been far too long already, but at this E3 we should finally get a release date for The Last Guardian. Team ICO’s anticipated title has been dogged by release issues for almost a decade, and with Sony still not budging on the ‘2016’ release window it gave to The Last Guardian as last year’s E3, we’re expecting a full release to be given at this year’s show. If we had to guess we’d say November seems the safest bet, especially if rumours of Horizon’s delay are true.

The return of Kratos and God of War 4


While his absence hasn’t been as lengthy as some other notable PlayStation characters, Kratos’s return will be a welcome one. We know that this one is already in the works thanks to a rather extensive leak not too long ago. The new bearded Kratos looks set to tackle Norse mythology and God of War 4’s arrival may very well tie into our next topic.

Full details and release date for PlayStation Neo


We know it’s coming. Giant Bomb’s full leak of the PlayStation Neo and its technical advances over the current PS4 is a controversial one. Will Sony do all they can to convince current owners that the new upgrade is a must buy? Or just allow consumers to weigh up whether 60fps in every game is something they need to fork out money for. It’s a risky move for sure, especially when they have another launch set for this year.

PlayStation VR release date and game announcements


The price is set but the date isn’t. October has already been revealed as the launch month but what about a more specific date?

North America, Europe and Japan should get their definitive release days here but whether it’ll be a worldwide release with everyone getting their VR headsets on the same day is another question. We’d imagine North Americans in particular will be purchasing their PlayStation VR headsets before everybody else.

It would be unthinkable that Sony don’t reveal more games for PlayStation VR, and we’ve got a sneaky feeling that this may be the show that gives up most of it’s time to VR game announcements.

The Future of Destiny


Destiny has become somewhat stagnant in recent months with no new DLC drop on the horizon and a slowly dwindling player base. The Taken King arrived last September and when E3 rolls around it won’t be far off a year since the last release of major content. Whether we see a full scale Destiny 2 tease is another thing though.

We’re expecting another DLC add-on around the same size of The Taken King to be shown at the conference, and maybe a token nod to a full sequel next year if we’re lucky.

UPDATE: Kotaku’s recent leak for an add-on called ‘Rise of Iron’ appears to confirm that a new expansion is on the way.