Five Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds that we’d love to see

Pun-tastic Jason Rocha takes us through his hopes and dreams for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3

With a final release window for Kingdom Hearts 3 recently announced, expectations for the arrival of Square Enix’s legendary series are running high. As we fans patiently wait in the realm of darkness for that grand and mythical light that is KH3, one can only wonder what The Enigmatic Man Tetsuya Nomura has in store for us.

A popular discussion amongst fans is that of the worlds and whether or not the developers will listen to community feedback. If they will answer the calls of our lingering will or opt instead to thrust our hopes into Oblivion.

Lilo & Stitch

As fun as it was to see the lovable 626 in Birth by Sleep, the rest of the Lilo & Stitch story is still up for grabs. Sora and friends tearing through Hawaii sounds like an ideal world to me, not to mention the fact that a little “Suspicious Minds” thrown in and all of a sudden, BAM, Elvis is officially Kingdom Hearts canon! Maybe he’s a Guardian of Light?


I don’t use the word cute often, but Wall-E and EVE’s romance through the cosmos would just be the cutest thing to see unravel in the Unreal Engine 4. It may be difficult to adapt, seeing as there’s not much ac-Xion, however, I believe with a little creativity it wouldn’t Axel-ly be that bad.

The Incredibles

Cross your fingers for a Halloween Town-esque costume change because superhero duds could be on the menu if Sora, Donald, and Goofy are allowed to star in this Pixar classic. I see great prospects for this American comic inspired location: variety of enemy types, unique party members, and explosive story. A world like this can honestly Kairi the game on its shoulders.


A bit too meta? Sorta yes Sora no. Having a game within a game or games, Square needs to check with Christopher Nolan to see if he’s looking to break into the medium. There could be problems with licensing, but even as a side world like Kingdom Hearts 2’s Atlantica, I think this domain of self-referential fun would be a joy for players to experience.

Toy Story

This has always been top of my wish list and now it’s officially confirmed. Is there really any need to explain why this is awesome?

Ultima-tly what’s important is whether or not Square Enix is a true Oathkeeper in making this the best Kingdom Hearts yet, less they stab us in the back like a One Winged Angel. It’s been so long since Kingdom Hearts 2, if the developers don’t use their vast Disney library to full advantage then that would be a Terra-ble decision. As a longtime fan I can’t help but be worried, for those that aren’t, I Invi you. The already confirmed worlds seem promising, so long as Kingdom Hearts is allowed to execute its potential to the fullest then the game is sure to be up for many awards and Namine-tions come 2018.

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