Is there hope for a new Fable at E3?

Will we see a new Fable at E3? Now might be the perfect time …

I was a latecomer to Fable, with the third instalment actually being my first. From here, I worked backwards, playing two then one. Fast forward to now and I’m an avid fan of the franchise, with multiple editions of each game scattered around my home. I’ve always hoped that the Fable franchise would make a comeback and with Microsoft needing to make a boom at E3, now could be the perfect time.

The Kinect was never my thing, so when The Journey came out on the Xbox 360, I was disappointed with the direction the game and the franchise had taken. There was so much potential to be had with a new fully-fledged Fable and it was squandered. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the beginning of the demise of Lionhead Studios and by association Fable, becoming an early victim of Microsoft’s move to the next-generation of consoles. In 2013 we were given a glimpse of Fable Legends, a title that took Fable in a different direction but most importantly, back to some kind of relevance. Then in 2016 Microsoft cancelled the game and made the studio defunct, sealing Fable’s fate.

fable at e3

Fable Legends was in full swing with developers working hard, it was a studio that had lots of employees who had been there from day dot with no idea of their looming closure. I was hoping for a great Fable game but Microsoft killed all of our dreams and left us flat with The Journey and a Kinect that barely worked. What we were shown of Fable Legends had us salivating for more, the images shown took us back to heroes of old, with each new hero having their own abilities. With the release of the card game, Fable Fortune, this year is there a possibility that we may be able to get a new addition to the Fable franchise?

In fact back in January Eurogamer revealed that Microsoft had given another studio Fable 4 to work on. Playground, whom normally work with Forza, are the studio who have been tasked with this. Even if they are not renowned for their RPG’s we do know that the world will look sleek.

If there is a new Fable game on the way then E3 would be the perfect time to announce this. Will a new Fable be enough though for the fleeting Microsoft, or have the fans moved on to other games?

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