The Escapists 2 Review

Team 17 are back with another instalment of The Escapists. If you happened to miss the first game then all you need to know is that it’s a puzzle-based RPG which has you (the prisoner) trying to escape prison. The Escapist 2 returns with familiar roots but with a much more well-rounded gameplay experience.

When you first start out you will see 10 different prisons all with varying levels of difficulties and scenarios for you to play through. Some will require you to have escaped from previous prisons in order for you to unlock them. There is also a tutorial prison which will give you some of the basic fundamentals that you will need to live out your prison life, however, there is far more depth than is offered in the tutorial and players will quickly realize how much more there is to learn in order to escape.

Escapists 2 Review

After you have started your first prison (or any new prison for that matter) the guards and the warden will show you around to give you a basic overview of where everything is located as each prison is different. After this, you’re on your own and have to adapt to the life of a convict, essentially following a prison routine that you’d expect. Wake up, go to roll call, breakfast, free time, working out and so on. From this point, it is really up to the player to figure out how you want to try and escape and how you want to interact with other inmates inside the prison.

Each prison has numerous ways of escaping, some are complicated and will take weeks of planning and some can be done in a matter of days. This, of course, will depend on the player and your creativity but knowing that there are dozens of ways to escape leaves you exploring and taking your time to find the most enjoyable way for you.

During your time in prison, you will have plenty of items to craft to help you with your attempt at freedom. All will help you with various tasks around the prison, some items will be classed as contraband and some are more generic, but all will play a part in your master plan to escape. The variety of items is really refreshing and is a big upgrade from the previous game. You will also be able to train your 3 stats: Strength, Fitness, and Intellect, which will help you with various activities throughout the prison.

Escapists 2 Review

The puzzle element of the game is all about you trying to escape; there are elements of it within your jobs but really it all comes down to the great escape. As there are so many different ways to do this, there is no good or bad way of flying the coop, it’s just how you want to achieve it. The RPG side is much more about trying to juggle everyday life as a prisoner, whilst trying to keep a favourable reputation with the guards and also trying to plot your escape. At first, it can seem a little daunting trying to do it all, but as you get the hang of how the game works you will find it very rewarding.

The character creator is also back from the original game with a lot more customisation, the overall design is still fairly simple but a number of different customisation options allow you to have a very personal prisoner. You will also unlock more customisation options as you complete prisons and certain objectives which give you more of an incentive to go back and replay prisons, instead of just to escape in different ways.

The other major upgrade with The Escapist 2 is the multiplayer options, as this time around there is a co-op option and also a versus option. The drop in and drop out element of the cooperative multiplayer is amazing, it allows friends to jump in and out as they see fit and you can set your game to private, public or local. Having friends in the prison makes it an enjoyable experience, it opens up the door to new and creative ways of escaping and also ways of timing events that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. The versus mode is more about trying to be the first person to escape which is a lot of fun itself.

The Escapist 2 is a really fun puzzle game with a unique RPG twist to it. One thing that might put people off is the learning curb, The Escapist 2 doesn’t hold your hand by any means. You’re immeadiately thrown into the deep end and left to figure it out yourself. If, like me, you love a challenge then The Escapist 2 will provide just that, the feeling I got when I first escaped was so rewarding, I was like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption tunnelling my way out. Then it was quickly shattered when I realised a much easier way of escaping, but this is the beauty of the game. For the price and the amount of content and replayability that you get, The Escapist 2 is a fantastic game for new and old players.

The Escapists 2 Review Conclusion

For the amount of content and replayability that you get, The Escapist 2 is a fantastic game for new and old players, it’s a really fun puzzle game with a unique RPG twist and offers bags of fun for a reasonable price.


We tested the Playstation 4 version of The Escapists 2 after receiving a review code from the publisher. The Escapists 2 is out now across all platforms (releases soon for Switch).

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