E3 PlayStation Review: An Almost Perfect Disaster

Craig looks back on a strange showing from Sony in our E3 PlayStation review …

Well, that was certainly something.

Hustled into a building with standing room only, jam-packed with tired and worn out press all eagerley awaiting Sony’s traditional 90 minute presser only to then be moved into another room after a showstopping opener from Naughty Dog.

Sony’s strange start, stop, and then start again press conference showed a lack of respect for not just the press in attendance who had to haul themselves away (and miss a few announcements during the intermission) but also the fans watching on streams. There was a lot of chatter about whether or not there would be more than two different venue changes, one for each of PlayStation’s four tentpole games which they’ve hung their hat on for a number of E3’s now and the fact that this intro to Sony’s E3 review is focusing on an awkward shift in their deliverance of the press conference rather than the games they had on show, is testament to just how bad the decision was.

It’s not a giant leap of logic to suggest that it’ll be the last time that this style of show happens.

Moving onto the games though and Sony still proved that they are the king of first-party output when compared to their green rivals. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 was utterly barbaric in a way that made the first game look almost child-friendly. The evolution of Ellie and how she now handles herself in combat in such a graphic and blood-thirsty fashion only wets my personal appetite for the game. How far will Naughty Dog go with this violence and can they do it in a way that’s contextual? My personal feeling is that they will.

Death Stranding still remains an anomaly, revealing Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner in a rather bizarre trailer that lasted just under nine minutes. There was evidence of gameplay, as the camera followed Norman Reedus’ character Sam Porter walking and climbing through numerous environments but still gave us no real sense of what the game actually is.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima was another delight of the show, showing off a rather impressive gameplay demo that focused on the game’s combat and traversal. Its setting is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed in a trailer and if you haven’t already, I implore you to watch it below.

That wasn’t all though, Spider-Man was also given a full gameplay trailer, revealing a number of rivals for spidey and out of the four main games on show, it’s still the only one with a release date. Ghost, Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2 still don’t even have a year, let alone a quarter release window. At this rate, you have to expect that some, if not all of the three are late 2019 and even 2020 games.

Third-parties backed Sony up in force with Remedy’s new game, Control, making an appearance. A game which looks every bit like a sequel to Quantum Break on the surface, at least and we should find out more about what it is in the coming days.

Perhaps the biggest cheer of the night went to a game that released in 1998 and has now found a new lease of life thanks to an ambitious remake: Resident Evil 2.

Seeing a young Leon Kennedy fire off a couple of rounds in his Raccoon City Police uniform was a joy to behold for old Resi fans like myself. Many expected something along the lines of the original Resident Evil remake but it’s quite clear that Resident Evil 2 has had a lot of love and attention from Capcom. Even better, is that it releases on January 25th, sooner than probably everyone was expecting.

Despite the strange intermission issue, there’s no doubting that Sony showed off an extremely impressive line-up of games. Would the overall reception have been improved if there were a few new exclusive titles shown off? Probably. However, this lack of first-party titles and firm release dates from both Sony and Microsoft means that the next generation of consoles is likely to be just around the corner.

A lack of reveals now means that the pressure is on for Sony to deliver at next year’s E3, although getting some concrete dates for the games they showed here would be a good start.

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