Alexandra’s E3 Complaints and Frustrations

Alexandra shares with us her E3 complaints and frustrations, as well as the odd moment she did enjoy…

After having some time to contemplate after the conferences, I would like to share with you all my thoughts from this year.

Firstly, I was deeply upset at how PlayStation have handled Dreams. To use the game to make content for their conference but then still not give us an idea of what the hell is going on was insane. When they said in one of the interviews after the main conference that there will probably be a beta this year, this really took the mick for me. I am sorry and I know it takes time to be creative but after such a long period of time in the making and after seeing so many demos, I don’t think that it is too much to ask for them to have a date for the beta at least.

In a similar manner, Microsoft wouldn’t even utter a word about Fable and acknowledge that it is (probably) being made. The one hint that it is likely in progress was when they discussed that they had purchased Playground Games and that the studio was also working on something else but that there would be more on that at a later date. I feel that even if they had just shown a logo or a piece of concept art that would have been better than this.

E3 Complaints

Kingdom Hearts is looking likely to be a great game, having not played any games in the franchise this is a game that I am excited to play. However what I was confused by was how Square Enix handled it at E3. Why would you announce the release date on Twitter well before your own conference and then give yourself the exact same trailer as Microsoft and save the best for Sony? This made no sense to me.

Another title that Square really confused me with was The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This game looks so fun and its free to play! But why Square didn’t save this for themselves and decided to use it as filler for Microsoft I will never know.

Enough of my moaning, here are the moments I did enjoy.

Ubisoft always comes out strong with their showy style. I loved the Just Dance reveal and Trials equally came out on top for them. Although I’m not really able to play Just Dance, I’m always up to see this game shown at E3, the outfits and music always prepare you for the rest of the Ubi show.

Overcooked 2. Does this need any more? If you haven’t played Overcooked and shouted at your other half or your bestie whilst playing then I urge you to buy this right now so you get super hyped, excited and of course, stressed, (as this comes with the nature of the game) for Overcooked 2. I know half the people that played this are probably dreading the second instalment but the other half will be super excited, like me.

I hadn’t really seen/heard too much about Ghost of Tsushima but I am now really excited for this game. The art style looks great and so does the fighting style. My only worry here is when the game will be released.

Fallout 76 looks crazy. With such a huge open world I am excited to fall out of the vault later this year. I only hope that if I end up going it alone I will not just die immediately whenever I meet an enemy or hostile other players.

I was far too young when the first Rage came out but Rage 2 looks so fun. This colourful, post-apocalyptic world looks crazy and I can’t wait to get into it. Also, who doesn’t want that special edition with the talking head, the perfect wall decoration to scare your friends.

My favourite moment of E3 has to be the Tiny Build conference. That eight minutes with a single game release, to the ‘the greatest game in the world’ song. This musical (as they called it) showed so much character for an indy publisher and you could not have asked for more from them after viewing.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my frustrations and my best moments of E3 2018.

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