E3 2016: The Best Moments

Regular contributor to Pause Resume Gavin Thomas gives us his view on the best games and moments at E3 2016

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – known to many of its fans as E3 – is one of the biggest video game events out there and this year was one of the best.

As much as I would love to list off every single game from the convention, I’ve chosen a select few that I think made a huge impact at the event. Here they are:

God of War

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the king of action games is making a comeback. Sony revealed that the rumours were in fact true and the game is being developed by Santa Monica Studio. The gameplay trailer showed off a now fully bearded Kratos equipped with a frosty axe while taking his son hunting, of course, it doesn’t quite go to plan and he does run into trouble throughout.

The graphics are wonderful and the gameplay is still very much… brutal, not that anyone would expect anything less from the God of War.

The series is praised as having some of the most successful action games of all time and this one doesn’t seem to disappoint. The new Norse setting is a much needed change after the end of number three and the lukewarm Ascension, hopefully (and I mean hopefully) we will see a showdown between Kratos and the God of thunder himself.

Titanfall 2

The first Titanfall had a great reception at E3 2013, receiving “Best of Show” from many outlets and good reviews on release, however some thought it didn’t live up to the hype that was promised at its reveal.

The sequel looks to be equally as fun as shown by the multiplayer trailer with new titans, gadgets and a grappling hook that makes getting round just that little bit easier. The movement looks even more fluid and fast paced and it looks like there will be some cool melee kill animations. That’s not the only thing to look forward to with the new game, as it’ll also feature a single player campaign.

With all the new added features, Titanfall 2 could prove itself to be one of the most unique shooters out there.

Xbox One S

The ongoing war between Sony and Microsoft has waged for many years now, but a new secret weapon on the latter’s side will soon be unleashed: the Xbox One S. This new player on the console scene promises to be the most advanced Xbox ever made according to the Xbox website.

The One S boasts a 40% smaller design, 2TB storage and an internal power supply. If that isn’t enough the console also includes 4k Ultra HD, for streaming 4k content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Throw in a vertical stand, a new Bluetooth wireless controller and a pre-order price of £349.99/$299 into the mix and Sony may have a spot of competition.


Scalebound is an upcoming action game developed by Platinum Games and due for release in 2017. The game follows the adventures of the reckless Drew and his trusty companion Thuban, the last dragon. The game is set in the world of Draconis and together they will go up against normal sized enemies and huge monsters.

The game is visually stunning, Drew and Thuban look epic and it looks as though your partner’s appearance can be customized as well. For combat, a mixture of melee and ranged weapons can be utilized, Thuban can aid you by shooting fireballs and launching you at the bigger baddies. Drew has a reptile-like arm, which seems to be the source of a cool transformation into a dragon form, handy for when you need to deal some serious damage.

With the added bonus of a four-player multiplayer mode which allows you to team up with duplicates of yourself to battle some of the bigger monsters, this action game could be one of the best in 2017.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft have developed some of the best shooting games out there with hits like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell being highly popular. The Division is their best selling game to date and I believe that Wildlands can reach an equal height.

The new game will see the infamous Ghost unit take on a powerful drug cartel. Set in Bolivia, the game is stated to be one of the companies biggest open world games. You can play by yourself and give commands to the other members of your team or take the missions on with co-operative multiplayer. Being a highly trained special unit you of course have access to some nifty gadgets, vehicles and weapons, which you can use to complete your objectives tactfully.

It was praised highly at E3 2015 and having some more of it’s gameplay showed off at this years convention will only help it’s growing popularity. This new Ghost Recon game could be a contender for shooter of the year in 2017.

What were your thoughts on E3 2016? Let us know in the comments below