Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Speculation List

After much deliberation our resident Dragon Ball expert, Jason Rocha, has put together a Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Speculation list. He has conjured up a well thought out and loving catalogue, for those who want to see who might be in Z Union and Z League but are tired of trawling through the random lists by different outlets.

Recently, there have been leaks attributed to the DLC cast of characters. Though not concrete yet, the list has some predictable faces and some disappointing ones. As it stands the list consists of:

1. Broly
2. Bardock
3. (Base form) Goku
4. (Base form) Vegeta
5. Vegito
6. Zamasu
7. Android 17
8. Cooler

The inclusion of base form Goku or Vegeta will be a massive disservice to the fans. With two different variations for each already in the game, there is no reason for a third. Both Vegeta and Goku still have adaptable techniques from the series, however, this should not be done at the cost of other characters that could add more diversity to the roster. FighterZ has given the Dragon Ball universe a levelled playing field where an underdog like Yamcha can challenge even the god of destruction himself. Such an opportunity should not go to waste on two people taking up the slots of six. Arc System Works can make any new inclusion a fun and engaging character ready for high-level or casual play, there is no need to resort back to the two strongest Saiyans of Universe Seven.

Android 17 is not necessary. Not a bad character but another android isn’t what the game needs right now especially considering his lack of techniques will likely cause him to play much the same as Android 18. He’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but really I’d much rather just get a ranger costume change than a playable 17. 18 is arguably already in need of some revision when it comes to move sets, ergo any tricks Arc System’s is saving for 17 should go towards making Android 18 a more well-rounded fighter.

Cooler will be a perfect addition as Frieza’s bulky older brother has a plethora of techniques to adapt and his awesome final form will look insanely badass presented on the Unreal Engine. A fantastic choice for the upcoming DLC that will appeal to a lot of fans.

These eight should seek to round out the main cast, right now those spots should belong to significant characters who need more love and recognition from the fandom while simultaneously offering varied styles of play. A Season two round of DLC is foreseeable and that is where base form Vegeta and Goku, Android 17, and hopefully some GT characters should see the light of day.

Judging by the leak the developers are on the right track but are missing a few essentials. As for who should be in, let’s start with the obvious choices:

Bardock The man who fathered two troublesome Saiyans but luckily one of them fell down a mountain and hit their head.

Broly Everyone’s favorite legendary Super Saiyan.

Merged Zamasu His various spectacular techniques and status as the only true villain so far in Dragon Ball Super make him a must.

Vegito The ultimate fighting candy and only canonical fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Will he be from the Buu Saga or the more recent Blue Vegito?

If you’re a fan of the series then you saw these guys coming from miles away. However, the final four is where things get tricky.

The Definitive Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Speculation List
Of course, the first female Super Saiyan is a must. It would be idiotic not to include this powerhouse who pushed Goku to his absolute limits and, for better or worse, shattered all previous conceptions of power. Regardless of your feelings towards her, or the two who make her up, she is an interesting character who got so much screen time during the series that it is clear the makers of Dragon Ball Super wanted to push her agenda forward and her inclusion in FighterZ would only help towards that.

The Definitive Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Speculation List
Not only did she kick Vegeta’s butt in Dragon Ball Super but she made waves in the franchise much earlier when she appeared alongside Kid Goku during the fight with General Blue. Her “Gag” style of fighting will be a unique playstyle for players and Arc System Works already has experience with this type in Teddie from the Persona 4 Arena games. I don’t think destruction gets more over the top than Arale splitting the Earth with one punch.

The Definitive Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Speculation List
One could argue Gohan’s high school sweetheart isn’t in high enough demand to make an appearance but considering how well Nappa’s been handled in-game, I don’t see why not. Many forget that before Dragon Ball Super domesticated most of the supporting cast, Videl was one tough chick/crime-fighter/daughter of Satan. The woman stood up to Broly, what else needs to be said? She has been playable in other Dragon Ball games proving her fighting potential. She doesn’t have techniques per say, but with how Android 17 and the Ginyu Force are utilized, Videl could definitely work given some creativity on the developer’s part and an assist focused move set with Great Saiyaman, Goten, and maybe even Mr. Satan.

The Definitive Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Speculation List
Divisive to many fans, but there is no denying the potential with the strongest threat Goku and friends have faced to date. The hype surrounding him is off the charts and players would enjoy a ridiculously over the top move set consisting of meditation mid-battle and stopping attacks with nothing but a glance. He will for certain be in the game at some point, preferably during this first wave of new DLC.

If not, I don’t see FighterZ going wrong with Cooler either. Frieza is already one of the more technically competent characters which in turn makes me excited to see what they do with his similar, but different enough brother.

FighterZ should avoid the missteps of the series and not make the game all about Goku and Vegeta. Super is the latest series so it is understandable they want to stay current with the characters they choose to include but that shouldn’t stop Arc System Works from delivering what long time fans want and deserve. The final eight listed above are foolproof for the game, I hope the developers realize that as well and approach season one with a more open mind.

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