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Rez Infinite Review

Craig delves into synthesia and takes on Pause Resume's Rez Infinite Review for PlayStation VR. Is it a vomit comet? Or something a bit more creative?

Loading Human: Chapter One Review

With PlayStation VR still in its early days, Craig took a look at one of VR’s newest series, in the form of this Loading Human: Chapter One review. It’s not everyday yo...

ReCore Review

Will a budget price mean a budget game? Alexandra investigates the Xbox One and PC exclusive ReCore

Virginia Review

The world of Virginia is a curious one that spins an interesting yarn. Alexandra explores this brave world and adds a score out of five at the end.

FIFA 17 Review

Craig now has his sights set on FIFA 17. Will it reach the heights of Konami's take on football? Find out in our FIFA 17 review

PES 2017 Review

PES 2017 arrives with FIFA in its sights. Will Konami overtake EA's juggernaut series? Craig finds out...

F1 2016 Review

Having been a Ferrari girl since I was little, I instantly knew which team I was going to get my hands on. I couldn’t wait to get on the track and get started with the race w...

Overcooked Review

Is Overcooked under-played? Or just raw to the bone? Alexandra dons the chef's hat and finds out...

No Man’s Sky Review

You've seen our opinion pieces but now it's time for the No Man's Sky Review. Is it as good as Guardians of the Galaxy, or a let down like Marauder Shields?