Best Xbox One Games

After a rough start the Xbox One is finally hitting it’s stride, thanks in large to a steadily improving collection of games.

While Master Chief may have seen better days, the Xbox One is providing new exclusives that fill the gap along with an array of excellent multi-platform titles.

We here at Pause Resume want to give the best ones a platform to shine, and that’s why we’ve devised an evolving Best Games list.  Every three months, if we believe a game has enough substance to warrant being a ‘must-have’ title, we’ll add it to the list.  Some games may not immediately go on the list though.  If they evolve over time and turn into something truly special, they can eventually earn a spot on our list.

Likewise, if a game regresses then we’ll take it off.  Our justifications for additions and removals will be included when we update the Best Games list.

Let’s not stall any more though, here are the best games on Xbox One:


overwatch best games

One of the surprises of 2016 – even though it really shouldn’t of been considering the calibre of Blizzard – Overwatch sprung-up in the summer of 2016 to give us a first-person-shooter that not only played well but had an addition of addictiveness to it that takes a good game and makes it great.

While it doesn’t have any single-player content, its variety of characters and the multitude of ways they play has kept Overwatch’s multiplayer scene at the top of playlist charts since its launch. From D-Va and Tracer to Roadhogg and Hanzo, every single character is different and comes with their own set of unique moves and specials that spice up the game and turn a run-of-the-mill shooter into a tactical and team-dependant game.

While Overwatch plays right into the cravings that ultra competitive players want at the top level of competition, it is also able to satisfy casual fans with pick-up and play modes that can give players who don’t play at the highest level a fun time.

With characters and modes already added, and with more to come in the future, Overwatch will evolve over-time and return a playtime that is well worth the cost of your initial investment. Overwatch was the second game to ever receive our 5/5 review score and it’s a game that truly deserves it.

Destiny: The Taken King Bundle


Just in case you haven’t noticed it, we’d like to make doubly sure that we’re recommending the Destiny bundle that includes: the original game, the first two expansions, and The Taken King.  All three together are easily worth the asking price.

Following a content starved start, Destiny and its expansions are now at a point where it delivers enough content, with superb gameplay to warrant an immediate purchase.

You start by picking one of three classes before creating your own Guardian and taking them across the Solar System to kill enemies, find loot, and gain experience points over and over again.

Bungie’s story in Destiny never hits the high notes of the Halo trilogy it once lauded over, but towards the end of the Taken King expansion it offers enough narrative to justify itself.

Gameplay is king however, and it’s what really elevates Destiny above most other shooters.  Shooting feels responsive and fun, and you’re given a plethora of weapons to earn, each with their own unique look.

Killing enemies will increase your level, meaning you’ll be able to face tougher enemies and gain even more loot.  Which again, sets you on the path to getting stronger to face even more formidable foes and get better loot.  It’s a simple cycle on paper, but when you get hooked its difficult to stop progressing.  Especially when you have your eye on a piece of gear and you only need X amount of one thing to obtain it.

It’s for this reason as well that six player Raids are a lucrative deal.  Offering the best possible gear the game has to offer.  But unfortunately the Raids are restricted to being completed with people you actually know.  There’s no matchmaking available here, but three player matchmaking parties can compete in the smaller Strike missions, of which there are enough of now to keep it fresh when your striking with strangers.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


If Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the last in the series helmed by series creator Hideo Kojima, then he’s saved the best for last.

Metal Gear games are usually criticised for their long cutscenes and lack of gameplay, but in this regard Metal Gear Solid V is the antithesis of previous entries. It’s almost as if Kojima went out of his way to shorten the cutscenes as there are barley any throughout the game. Instead of focusing on story, Kojima and his team have delivered a wonderfully crafted sandbox, which gives the player almost unlimited freedom with which to complete objectives.

Even after over 100 hours we were still learning new tricks that we could use with the cardboard box.  Distracting guards in different ways, and achieving objectives that looked impossible until we started to try things out.  MGS V encourages you to think outside the box.  If it works in your head, then it’s likely it’ll work in game.

All together there are over 200 missions to be completed. Main Ops will need to be replayed several times in different ways in order to complete all mission tasks and achieve the highest rankings.  But on your first playthrough you won’t be forced to complete any additional mission tasks, so you can aim for the sole objective if you desire.

Going back to completed missions and completing additional mission tasks usually allows you to play the same mission, in a new – and at times – unexpected way.  In fact, it often coerces you to complete it outside of your normal comfort zone, encouraging you to try new ways of playing rather than forcing it on you. It opens your eyes to other opportunities you might not have even thought possible within the parameters of the mission.

In between missions you’ll be required to build Mother Base, your own military compound.  You’ll achieve this by earning currency and resources after completing missions and finding it in the field.  You can spend these items on upgrading your base and developing new weapons and items.  It’s a daunting addition to the game, but thankfully all it’s intricacies are introduced over a period of time so as to not overwhelm the player.  Weapons and items can also be developed for buddies.

The development of Mother Base isn’t just a nice time killer in addition to the main game though.  It’s crucial to your progress.  Putting more resources into developing Mother Base will yield better equipment and attire, which allow you to complete missions in different and often more efficient ways. In fact one mission about ten hours into the game will almost insist that you have a particular weapon developed or else it will become nigh-on impossible to complete.  Thankfully, this was the only time the game forced me to hunt for resources before coming back to complete the mission.

An online version of base building is also available under the name of FOB (Forward Operating Base).  This mode allows you to build a second base in order to collect more resources and in theory make it easier to develop equipment.  The caveat being that other online players can invade and steal resources (including soldiers) from your stockpile.  On the flip side you can also steal from others.  Once you’ve acquired enough resources you can strengthen your own FOB with security upgrades, but so too can your rivals.

Craig Says: “After 170 hours I feel like I’ve completed everything the game offers but I just can’t put it down.  I’ve earned the Platinum, I’ve S ranked every mission and I’ve even researched almost every weapon and item.  But I still want to play more.

“There has never been a game before that has taken so many hours from me and still has the ability to garner my attention at such a high level.  The Phantom Pain is truly a masterpiece.  A fine example of how to build a sandbox and let the player discover, on their own, how to have fun.”

Mortal Kombat X


The Xbox One may not be the most fighter-centric console in recent years, but despite that Mortal Kombat X sits proudly, and deservedly, atop that current list.

It attempts to lure in old fans with returning characters, another crazy but fun story mode, and an online system that works flawlessly.  But newcomers to fighting games and Mortal Kombat shouldn’t be put off.

Its intricacies are simple to understand, yet difficult to master.  Each character has three different styles and you’ll pick one of these before the match.  It opens up different move-sets for each kombatant, and for some, can ruthlessly change the tactics for each player in the fight.

Despite some questionable costs on the DLC front, there’s no doubt that the base game and the pure fighting mechanics of Mortal Kombat X are great.  Matches with friends are still a blast and the fatalities are as gruesome as ever.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The Witcher 3 offers everything someone would want in an RPG, a rich storyline, tons of side quests, vast landscape, and many beasts to slay.  It’s all accomplished in a way that many that came before, or after, will be able to match.

CD Projekt Red have created a believable world that is full of life in every corner. It’s scale is beyond that of any well know RPG and the world doesn’t hold back the games vast story telling. Not only are the main missions extremely fun to play,  but they’re backed up with some of the best voice acting ever seen in a video game. Even the small quests that you randomly discover are rich with detail and rarely duplicate what’s come before, an issue that has been apparent in other titles.

At first the combat may feel strange and uneasy, but as you progress you’ll become more accustomed to it. At it’s core the mechanics of the Witcher 3 are challenging, leaving little room for error and punishing you for mistakes. However, defining your play style is also a big part of it, choosing the kind of magic you use along side your weaponry in order to create effective combos.

There’s a vast amount of loot to be had in the Witcher 3, with almost more than you can handle. But when you work out what’s useful and what’s not, you can start to create potions and food which is always useful during battle. Alongside the loot there’s a huge amount of gear to be acquired.  Specific armour sets are scattered throughout the world and you must track down individual pieces along the way, leading to full armour sets that give you good buffs and help you to further develop your combat style.

As if all the content The Witcher 3 provides isn’t enough, it also comes with Gwent.  A simple card game that quickly becomes addictive.  You collect better cards along your journey and can often battle people all over the world, from taverns to pubs and even the much more renowned characters in the game. The play style of the Gwent itself isn’t as straight forward as most card games, but once you get the hand of it, it’s very addictive.

Rocket League


The concept is so simple, and when you think about it putting cars and a football only the same pitch can only equal one thing, fun.  Chuck in a boost button, jumping, rolling, and loud noises, and it’s a recipe that wouldn’t go amiss in the finest restaurants of Paris.

Rocket League’s ability to be fun for both beginners and expert players helps it maintain a following that grows stronger by the day.  What started as a spiritual successor to a long forgotten PS3 game is now a phenomenon.

The five minute matches of varying team sizes always offer enough to keep you coming back for more.  Whether it’s a goal you scored, save you made or a close shot, Rocket League will always leave you with a moment to look back on in every match.  It’s these split second incidents that keep you coming for a game time and time again.  A quick match before dinner instantly turns into three or four, and before you know it, it’s hard to drag yourself away.

Developers Psyonix have kept Rocket League updated as well with free tracks, free mutator settings and paid for DLC such as new cars and car alterations.

Rocket League was one of the most played and loved games of 2015 and there’s no reason for that to change anytime soon.

Rare Replay


It might just be a collection of remakes and remasters, but by god is it the best set of remakes and masters ever created.

The charm and sound of Rare, cultivated over years of releasing top games, just oozes throughout Rare Replay.  From Banjo, to Conker, Joanna Dark and Battletoads, this is the ultimate collection for any fan of the developer through the years.  Even for those who haven’t encountered Rare before, it’s worth purchasing if only to see how games have changed throughout the last three decades.

While more recent titles are just 360 games running under Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.  The older games have seen a love and care that goes far beyond what most developers deem adequate when re-releasing a product.

Each title has their own section before you commit to playing, and all 30 games come with their own achievements, just begging to be earned.

It’s a shame that some past titles in Rare’s history, such as Goldeneye and the Donkey Kong games, don’t make it due to licensing issues, but you shouldn’t let it detract from the entire package.  Especially at it’s reduced cost.

Fallout 4


Fallout 4 may not run as well as some of the others on the list but what it lacks in technical performance it makes up for in scope and ambition.

The Commonwealth is a vast play area, filled with an array of characters, wildlife, towns, and most importantly: quests.

But the beauty of Fallout 4 is that it allows you to tell the story you want to.  You don’t have to complete the main quest line if you don’t want to.  The second you step out of Vault 111 you’re free to explore and do as you please.  You can venture to the treacherous glowing sea to the south, explore the barren wastes of the east, or head straight to downtown Boston, it’s up to you.

A new addition to the series this time around is the ability to build your own settlement.  There might not be too much to earn in-game from the feature, but building houses, defences, planting crops, and organising your settlers, becomes addictive almost as soon as you start tinkering around with it.

If you’ve dabbled with Falllout 3 or its sequel New Vegas then you’ll already know what to expect, as Fallout 4 doesn’t deviate greatly from that path.  But that’s not an issue.  What’s here is a world begging to be explored and its limitations stretched.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection


While the latest in the Master Chief saga hasn’t made the list, his previous entries have, thanks to this great value package that features Halos 1 through 4 as well as the recently added Halo 3: ODST.

Halo: Combat Evolved is the updated Anniversary edition which made it’s debut on Xbox 360 in 2011.  But Halo 2 is the star of the show, featuring a full HD remake as well as updated and extended cutscenes.

The versions of Halo 3, ODST and 4 included are identical to their original releases on Xbox 360, but are part of the disc, not a backwards compatible add-on that other collections on the system have utilised.

For achievement hunters each game has it’s own list, meaning the game has over 4000 achievement points available.

Like Rare Replay, The Master Chief Collection is a great package at a great price and a must own for any Halo fan.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3 Best Games

From Software said that Dark Souls 3 will be “closure” on the series and that the studio will be moving onto “new things” in the future. Dark Souls 3 for us, if it really is the last in the series, is a game that not only delighted fans of the previous games but also welcomes new comes to the series.

Dark Souls 3 offers something unique that not many other games will ever attempt. The term ‘hand
holding’ couldn’t be further away from what Dark Souls 3 offers. Just as previous games in the series.

Dark Souls 3 provides players with a frustrating challenge that will have you wanting to throw your controller at your TV at times. As always though the feeling of accomplishment as you progress through zones and defeat bosses is one that no other game this year has offered.

One of the things we loved the most about Dark Souls 3 was the homage it played to the previous
games, subtle items and locations throughout the game reflect back to what most players have
accomplished years ago in the previous games.

Another addition to Dark Souls 3 was the return of magic, going back to a formula that started with Demons Souls. The change to the magical abilities opened up a whole new path for play styles, whilst previous Souls games always contained spells, you always felt like the heavier weapons and armours were the favoured choices. Now there are multiple magical elements your character can acquire and master, without taking away from the challenge of the game.

Multiplayer is another aspect of Dark Souls 3 that we really enjoyed, from summoning other players into your world to battling other players trying to invade yours. It all worked very smoothly, you can frequently have multiple people helping you and when players invade at the same time it can lead to some great battles. This is part of the reason new comers felt more welcome, it is much easier to seek out help from players around the world. Again this doesn’t take away from the difficulty of the game, as the bosses and enemies are made stronger with more people in your world, but it allows players to see how things could or should be done.

Dark Souls 3 is one of the best games in the series and of 2016 overall. Whilst you might go throughhours of frustration and heartache, the moments of glory always will leave you satisfied and wanting more.


best games overcooked

Overcooked’s addition to our best games list might be a surprise to some, but for anyone who’s played this indie darling will, hopefully, understand our reasoning.

It’s quick paced, panic-inducing gameplay thrives where others fail. Getting a few friends round on the same couch is a rarity these days, so when a game like Overcooked is able to take full advantage with simple controls, but a dexterity to its gameplay that makes you want to play it over and over again needs to be rewarded.

For its price, single and multiplayer content and its overall charm. Overcooked is a title that deserves to be considered by anyone who’s ever enjoyed having a few friends over and a mad couple of hours.