The Best Local Multiplayer Games on Switch

After our previous piece that looked at how the Switch has saved local multiplayer, it was time to share with you the definitive list of ‘must-have’ Switch local multiplayer games!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings us the classic Mario Kart 8 from the Wii U but with some new characters and modes – which include a revamped battle mode. All of these are great to play with all of your family and friends at any time. The accessibility of the controls truly do make this a great title for everyone to enjoy.

Just Dance 2017

We all enjoy having a good dance every now and again and Just Dance 2017 is great for this. With a myriad of new and old songs to choose from, there is plenty to keep you busy. A number of songs can be played on different difficulty levels and there is also a category that contains good child-friendly songs, giving everyone a chance to play. This is another great hit for the whole family to enjoy – I know me and my mum do.

Super Bomberman R

Welcome to everyone’s favourite (well mine anyway). Remember those days playing Bomberman on the NES and SNES with all of your friends? Well now you can do this anywhere and everywhere on the Switch! With simple controls and the same manic gameplay of yesteryear, players of all ages can jump straight in.


Go and grab a friend because you won’t want to miss out on this one! Snipperclips is a new IP in the Nintendo stable that encourages you to play along with a friend or two. You can either play together to complete challenges or play deviously against each other, snipping your way through the levels – and your friends …

1 2 Switch

1 2 Switch is yet another new title for Nintendo. This game was made specifically for local multiplayer and is designed to be played without looking at the screen. It is impossible for you to not play with another person in your living room, the park, or wherever you may be. Whether you and your mum want to practice walking down the catwalk or your wizarding skills, there is a game for everyone. 1 2 Switch also includes a party mode that encourages you to play in a bigger group, randomly playing different games to move up the ‘board’ to the finish line.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Sega brings us classic Tetris mixed with the newer Puyo Puyo to bring us an amalgamation of the two. Here, you can play against each other, with whichever title you are best at. You can also both play the same title to see who is the best or play on the random mode, where you can switch between the two titles, battling it out. You can set your own skill levels as well, which makes this game really accessible.

With the likes of Arms, De Mambo and Splatoon 2 still to come out this year, there is good reason to be excited about the amount of local multiplayer available to gamers via the Switch.

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