Banjo Remake Would Be An Easy E3 Win for Xbox

Will a Banjo Remake help to give the Xbox brand some positive mindshare amongst the hardcore?

While their direct rivals move into E3 with a bit of momentum and a clear strategy, it’s still unclear how Microsoft intends to win back the mindshare that they lost at the start of the generation. Previous E3’s has seen announced games that were cancelled and small moves to a more unified platform that focused on sharing the Xbox and PC ecosystems.

While many of their moves haven’t gained big traction outside of the hardcore games enthusiasts, they have made small moves to set the groundwork for the future of Xbox. The accessibility and elite controller variants, as well as Xbox Game Pass, have been small but important steps towards a bigger overarching vision for the Xbox brand moving forward.

Despite these moves, Xbox needs not just big blockbusters to bolster a lacklustre software line-up but also easy, small wins. A quick look through their back catalogue sees plenty of opportunities for them to be able to do so.

One stand out franchise that would be able to garner attention, not be too costly and win hearts and minds at E3 is Banjo Kazooie.

The famous bear and bird duo have continued to be spoken of, despite only appearing in three mainline games over the past two decades. In fact, now would be the perfect time for Microsoft to unleash the bear and bird duo all over again as the original N64 classic nears its 20th anniversary this month.

There have been long-standing rumours that the original game is set for a remake of some sort and announcing that such a project exists during this E3 would make sense.

Sure, the games have already received a minor upgrade back in the days of the Xbox 360 but what if they were completely reworked ala the recent Shadow of the Colossus remake on the PS4. In fact, a remake could be outsourced for a not-so-significant cost and Microsoft will gain mindshare for actually following through with a much-loved game rather than cancelling an ambitious new project – a fate that many of their titles have become so synonymous with in recent years.

banjo remake

The stars seem aligned for some sort of Banjo Kazooie announcement at E3, especially as Microsoft’s big franchise seems to be waning. The bear and bird have an appeal unlike any other Xbox first-party title and simply mentioning the classic duo during their conference will fill long-time fans of the games with a sense of warmth and excited that usually, only Nintendo can garner with their back catalogue of games.

A Banjo Kazooie remake is an easy win for Microsoft and one that they haven’t taken advantage of enough in recent years, especially when you consider the rich history of games that are on their books. Will Phil Spencer and his team take advantage of Banjo’s 20th anniversary? We’ll find out soon enough.

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