Alexandra Collinson

Co-Founder \\ Content Editor

Tumble VR Review

Alexandra gets to grips with Tumble VR for the PlayStation VR headset. Will it reinvigorate Jenga or is it all a load of blocks?

Best Games: Overwatch

It was obvious it was going to happen wasn't it? We've finally added 5/5 Overwatch to our Best Games list

ReCore Review

Will a budget price mean a budget game? Alexandra investigates the Xbox One and PC exclusive ReCore

Virginia Review

The world of Virginia is a curious one that spins an interesting yarn. Alexandra explores this brave world and adds a score out of five at the end.

F1 2016 Review

Having been a Ferrari girl since I was little, I instantly knew which team I was going to get my hands on. I couldn’t wait to get on the track and get started with the race w...