Airheart Review

Join Alexandra as she soars through the skies in our Airheart – Tales Of Broken Wings review.

In Airheart you play as Amelia, a young pilot who dreams of catching the infamous skywhale. In her world fishing is life and although most fish don’t bring in huge income this is her life too.

You will begin with a basic ship that you will be able to build or buy new parts for. To get your materials and money though, you will need to go fishing, which takes place over fourteen levels through the stratosphere, each one above the next.

You are taught all of the basics of skyfishing and how to fly straight away, your core skills will involve being agile in the ship, your quick shooting and how to use the harpoon as you go through the levels. Airheart is a rogue-like game, however, if you ‘die’ you do not lose all of your fish and loot, you will lose a proportion though after you crashland back in Graneria. After crashlanding you don’t have to restart entirely, your ship, collected resources and money stay and you only have to work back through the levels.

Each level is filled with fish, trees hiding items and things for you to fly into. As you go further up, enemy encounters happen more often and you’ll need to use your weapons and harpoon to defeat enemies. You can switch up your weapon on the ship to whichever style you prefer, whether you prefer a closer combat shotgun or a fast and loose machine gun feeling, in Airheart, you’ve got options.

The level design itself is beautiful and coupled with the music gives a very relaxing atmosphere. It was enjoyable to fly around the peaceful levels, finding boxes hidden in some of the aforementioned trees and shooting enemies as you circle the skies.

As you work your way up the levels there are more and more enemies for you to deal with. The weapons they have change, the ships get stronger, faster and bigger, just to keep you on your toes.

You’ll have to use all your skill to destroy some these, using your different weapons and your harpoon to take them down. The difficulty of these enemies though isn’t something that spikes too quickly, I found that I was only able to go further up the levels if I was ready for them and that if I wasn’t strong enough then I would end up crash landing back on Granaria.

The in-game workbench allows you to put different pieces of scrap – found on your outings – together, to create different parts to put onto your ship. To get to this point there are some basics that you have to put together, like the metal sheet. These basics allow you to make new guns, bodies and all the components for your ship. Along the bottom of the screen, it will show you the things that you are able to make and if you fail to make something, keep watch of the little circles above the item you wanted to make and these will show you which components were correct and which weren’t.

A new addition for the Nintendo Switch version is Party mode. Party mode allows you to and a group of friends to take control of a larger ship, with each person controlling a different part. In theory this mode sounds good and I am sure with bigger groups it is but if there are only a couple of you I found that this mode isn’t quite as fun as the main game as there was too much on ship that needed to be controlled.

Airheart Review Conclusion

Airheart is an enjoyable game that isn’t too stressful and allows you to wind down after a tough day. While it won’t live long in the memory, it provides a wonderful escape from other stress-inducing games.