About Us

What is Pause Resume?

Like many other video game websites we here at Pause Resume love video games.  We love them so much in fact that like you, dear reader, we used to scowl the internet daily for interesting news, the latest press releases and brand new video game trailers.

However, there came a point when we realised that the majority of video game news sites are just regurgitating information from developers and publishers to suit their own agenda.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but quite often a genuine breaking story comes and goes as quickly as the battery life of a DualShock 4.

So at Pause Resume we aim to do things differently.  Once every three months we will release a major site update, chock full of content, covering the previous quarter.  If there’s a story that’s happened during this period of time then we’ll aim to follow it and relay it from the first moment to last.

Think of it as a quarterly online magazine.

Instead of being part of the rush to be first, (and more often than not wrong) we want to be right.  Speculating is not part of our vocabulary.  Our main aim is to deliver context, analysis, and if required, expert opinion.  We want to cutout pre-order press releases and advertorial reviews.

Stories that hit the media are often given coverage for a few days and then fall away into the abyss, replaced by the next new thing.  You never know what happened, and are rarely given the full story unless you actively search it out and piece it all together.

We want to do that for you.

Once a story has run it’s full course and the dust has settled we’ll then pick up the pieces and analyse the who, what, where and why.

We’re a small team based in the UK and like so many others we run the site as a labour of love.  We make no money from Pause Resume and even if we do in the future, it’ll go towards improving the site before it goes into anyone’s pockets.

Everyone who works at Pause Resume also has a real job and works full-time.  This helps us pay the bills while running this site in our spare hours.  It’s painful to admit, but because of this we’re likely to make mistakes.  If (more likely when) we do, please inform us straight away and we will correct it as best we can.