Six Tips to get involved in the eSports scene

Ever wondered how to get involved in the eSports scene? Pause Resume’s eSports expert Kenneth Luke explains what you need to know …

So you’ve heard the chatter on the reddits and the forums, you’ve heard your friends, internet or otherwise, talking about the biggest competition for that game you all played on Friday night. The biggest prize pool in history, the best players are going to be there, and you want to get involved. How? Here are my personal 6 tips for you to get into the ESports scene.

Be passionate about the game

This does not mean that you have to have had 5000 hours of DOTA or 3000 Overwatch competitive points. No, you just have to simply love the game. Whichever it is, it might be the simplicity of Hearthstone, and the complex mechanics of DOTA, the fancy air dribbles of Rocket League, and so on and so forth. You have to be passionate about the game. It is hard to follow an ESports scene if you simply don’t love playing or watching the game. Yes, it’s true, there are people who don’t play the game that they watch, it is sometimes all for the better. Less rage, more flashy plays. But I think you guys already know this, otherwise you wouldn’t really be that interested in finding out how to know more about the ESports scene. So let’s move on to number 2.

Learn and appreciate the skill ceiling

Every ESports game has made their mark based on players who are able to do things that other people cannot. Every game has a different skill ceiling which uses a different kind of skillset to be able to bring out the best in their players. Learn and appreciate why these guys are the pros and the others are ‘filthy casuals’. What is it that they do that separates them from the rest, making them the cream of the crop? Hearthstone, decision making and calculating risks and statistical plays. Rocket League, the precision one needs to be able to control your car in the air and on land, hitting the ball at its exact point with the exact point of your car to be able to send it flying in the exact direction and speed you want, whether it’d be for a passing play or a shot. DOTA and League of Legends, decision making and strategy. Why are certain combinations of heroes used and banned? Appreciating the amount of reflexes needed to make split second decisions which have various and devastating impacts on the game. Every game is different, and you have to be able to understand and appreciate why the fans go crazy

Find a pro player to invest in

Every game has their Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi ( I don’t want to start a war here). Rocket League has Kronovi, Dota has Dendi, and so on. You don’t have to follow the popular ones, but they’re the ones with fans for a reason. Find someone you find entertaining, whether it’d be their playstyle or their personality and then emotionally invest yourself in them; Find out if or when they are streaming, tune in and be entertained, or follow their professional teams and see how well they do in competitions. I am a Liverpool fan right now because I turned on the TV one day and saw Steven Gerrard completely bossing a game, and have been a Liverpool fan since, even though he’s left. It works the same as real-life sports. Find someone to love, find something you love about them, and you’ll slowly start to recognise the names of the teams they’re involved in, the teams they’re playing against, and the small little rivalries, or big ones, that they have within the competitive scene. This will help you to become more interested in the competitive scene and also their respective teams, learning more about their storylines.

Attend a lan/pubstomp

Every competitive esports now has their major event. RLCS, The Internationals, Blizzcon, Worlds, etc. Attend at least one LAN event, if it isn’t one for the big stage, then maybe one in your area for a smaller competition. The atmosphere might not be as huge, but I guarantee the audience and players will be fuelled with passion nonetheless, and it is an absolute joy to be in-and-amongst players who you know have a similar passion for the game as you do. Otherwise, attend a pubstomp. A viewing of the tournament with a group of players, occasionally held in bars and LAN shops, thus accompanied with a cold beer or some gaming time with your friends before the events start is always a joy. Personally, for the past 4 years, I have attended a pubstomp at my local LAN shop when The Internationals roll around, and mind you, based on our timezones, they usually occur and start from midnight till the next morning. Fatigue and sleep aside, they are always so much fun, cheering and screaming with friends and strangers.

Websites that track pro events

Find one that suits your style, one that covers news as well as results catered to your game. There are so many that cover several Esports, if variety is more up your alley. It becomes easier to follow the pro scene if the results of the previous day are easy to find and news/player interviews/roster shuffles are always available at the nearest convenience.


This last one is for the players out there. If you’re looking to enter the ESports scene as a player, never forget that practice is the most important thing you can ever do. Doing something right once is lucky, twice is a pattern, five times, maybe a skill. But to become a professional, you’re going to have to do the same thing, with the same results, 99 out of a 100. That’s consistency, and something that separates the good from the great. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Don’t be insane. Be consistent. Prove to your teammates and yourself that you can be reliable, especially when it comes down to the most important clutch moments.

And there you have it ladies and gentleman, my personal 6 tips to start laying the groundwork for your way into the ESports scene. Of course, everyone has their personal favourites and routes, but these are the ways in which I jumped into the competitive scene, and I hope that you guys are able to follow some of these and have a blast following the competitive scene of the game of your choice!

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